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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What's Up

My love and hugs go out to my stepmother, Alice, who is in the hospital. I was able to speak with her and they aren't sure why her blood pressure is so low. I'm glad Katherine and Tracy are close by to check on her. Also, to my stepdad, Jim, with his tooth/jaw woes.:::::::Service Project

:::::::::::::More Strawberry Farm layouts::::

I've been reading books on critical thinking...Bologna (Baloney)Detectors, so to speak. I really enjoyed these books on the subject:

I like to think I'm getting a little farther along on the road to discerning the information I come in contact with each day.

::::::::::::::::The Movie Tavern---or Fun with my Mom::::

My mother took me out to the Movie Tavern in Tucker for my birthday. Neither of us had been there before. When you walk in you get in line and tell the cashier the movie and time, then order your meal. You are then given a number on a stand and go to your theatre and find a seat. Mom ordered chicken quesadillas and I got the turkey club wrap with side salad. The theatre was clean and the seats were comfy, but if you wear pantyhose and a skirt you may tend to feel like you are going to slide out onto the floor. At least, that is what my mom tells me. (I think pantyhose are products of Satan and his minions...this may run contrary to that whole critical thinking section preceding this review...but run with it.)
Right before the movie started we got our meal. We shared and agreed that both were delicious. So we give the Tavern's food and cleanliness high marks. The restroom was also clean and had those hand dryers that blow so hard that your skin ripples and dries your hands in 5 seconds. Those are the coolest!
Now to the movie. We chose to see "Wolverine". I'm glad the kids were not with us because it really isn't suitable for kids under 13. The chase scenes and explosions are expected, but some scenes are just too much for kids. Hugh Jackman is seen in his altogether (I would like to applaud Mr. Jackman for sticking to those rigourous workouts)but I don't think that is the best thing for kids to see. (The comparisons alone cover that). Kind folks are killed, so a big no for Rachel to see. She would be depressed the rest of the film. Overall, the film was what I expected. Not as cool as Star Trek, but still a cool action flick for the older crowd.

::::::::::::::::Court of Honor:::

I'm off to take Aaron to Court of Honor. He is going to help mow the grass in preparation for the evenings festivities. Then, we get to eat Mexican food. Michael, who is sick, will stay at home and make grilled cheese for the kids. Michael got sick from the nursery kids he watched for me when I went to In-gathering. He has finally passed it to Aaron and me, but Michael is much sicker. Well...I'm outta here.



JP2E said...

I'm (koff) feeling (wheez) much better (koff koff)...

Melissa Hardin said...

Hope Alice is feeling better soon.
I love the layouts. I think that picture of Aaron and Rachel is incredibly sweet. And now I want strawberries.

Sue H. said...

Wonderful Blog as usual with great photos and yummy strawberries. I, too, loved our Movie Tavern outing. It was such fun but I did need a seatbelt. I will not wear a slicky skirt next time. The food was fab and I look forward to going again.
I hear the Yearbook is great! I can't wait to see it.

Carol said...

Gosh I hope your stepmother is okay, fill us in. I'm so behind in my blog reading, but I'll check in again soon to read an update.