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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Book Reviews

Reading is AWESOME! Here are some brief reviews on some of the books I have read lately:

Using the fossil record and information from different science disciplines to understand our body make up is fascinating. Shubin adds funny turns of phrases in the book like, "Inconvienient tooth" for a light-hearted approach to this science based explanation of evolutionary traits. Enjoyable read.

Ehrenreich does a succinct job in explaining why looking at the world realistically will give both short-term and long-term benefits. Our moods, be they positive or negative, make us see the world in a skewed fashion and leave us vulnerable. This book gives a healthy dose of realism with wit.

When you have already come to your conclusion there is no scientific proof that can be offered that will change your mind. The curious nature of folks who try to use science while simultaneously denying the results is a bit mind boggling. I suppose they would say it is all about the interpretation of those results.

This book is a fascinating read about the history of the Flat Earth belief and the proofs used to declare its truthfulness. There are many erroneous points taught as fact, which is probably not a surprise, in our text books about what people have believed throughout history. Also, the use of the Bible as inerrant and literal to describe the world and its formation as opposed to those who early on took the verses to be allegorical.

The book is well referenced and provides photos and memorabillia of the history of the different flat earth societies. Not a dry history at all. A very engaging read.

A boy who loses his popularity and finds himself among the nerds that he bullied. Jackson has to find a way to apologize and help the N.E.R.D.S. who don't want him as a part of their group of secret spies. This was a book my 9 year-old absolutely loved. Gadgets, science and nerdy kids...check...all the necessary ingredients for kids who don't fit in, but want to be cool in their own right. It wasn't the best book I've read in this genre, but has potential in the sequel to step it up a notch.

An interesting take on what happens when someone dies. The ties we have with our old lives can keep us from living our new one. I found the main character, Lizzie's, mortification at her last words rather amusing and understandable. I often hope I'm not letting loose with an expletive, or saying something else utterly meaningless. This is a book that reads very quickly, so if you want a different perspective without a lot of time commitment give this book a whirl.

*Just a note for people with kids that might be interested in reading this book...there are just a few expletives.


Michael Taylor said...

You keep reading the books I've checked out before I can get to them. I'm glad you've enjoyed them.

Sue H. said...

I should have used my time better on my day off yesterday but I didn't feel that good so I just did housework. I was already not feeling good so housework couldn't make me feel worse.

Lots of interesting reading, as always.

Jim said...

Our wives sure are fast readers, Michael!

Glad to hear you liked Your Inner fish, Victoria. And that sentence sure is a weird one...

Chocolate Cat said...

I always enjoy your book reviews, in fact thats how I chose some of the books I gave my niece for Christmas! My daughter really enjoyed 'Elsewhere' however her other book wasn't quite as good.

Ms. Yingling said...

Loved Elsewhere-- my entire family read it, and it does go quickly. Decided against NERDS for my middle school library. I think what appeals to 9-year-olds can be too goofy by 6th grade.