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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's Always Something!

Every time that phrase runs through my head I have to laugh. Gilda Radner was such a hoot. I miss her.

Life with Noah is always, ummm...interesting...yeah! That's the word! I was making a smoothie the other day and he offered to push the buttons on the blender. I put the ingredients in the blender and Noah started reading the button selections,

"...blend, liquefy..." and since he couldn't pronounce frappe he went with a good science geek stand by "...VAPORIZE!" He was thrilled when I let him push all of the buttons...including "Vaporize".

::::::Phone Call from the Pediatrician:::::

Our pediatrician phoned about Aaron's recent check up. Apparently, his heart murmur was a bit more pronounced, so I have a referral for The Sibley Heart Center. When I told Aaron he only wanted to know if shots were involved. I said no and he said, "Cool!".


1. for hot water.

We had a bad control unit on the water heater. A really nice guy in our ward at church took an old one off his old water heater as a temporary fix. The new one is coming, but want be here until Friday.

2. Our family pediatrician

He listens and is a truly caring person. He is also a great photographer, so having to wait in any of his waiting rooms is okay.
He suggested using a small amount of Crisco vegetable shortening for Eve's eczema. She is super sensitive to everything else we have tried. He did say not to by the butter shortening, though.

3. Clothes washers and dryers

I HATE housework and I can see why folks and two sets of clothes before automatic clothes washers.

4. Having a Park Close by

It is fun to walk and wave at the neighbors. I even ran for a short distance and had my neighbor, Kristen, drive by and encourage me. (Yes, I was running down hill). Oh, gravity, though art friendly...sometimes.

5. Bees

You need them for the food you eat and their tasty honey.

6. Who ever came up with phyllo dough

That is some amazing stuff.

7. The assistant principal at the elementary school

Some boys cornered Noah on the playground and had another kid hit him. When the assistant principal talked to the boys involved they said they were annoyed Noah wanted to play with them. She asked if Noah was mean, or had said something to them. One of the kids said, No, Noah helps me with my school work.
This woman has a very gently and sincere demeanor and I felt that she handled the situation with compassion.

8. Michael for going to the grocery store

Today, Americans are at the grocery store buying up tomorrows ingredients for Thanksgiving. The only thing Michael couldn't bring home was some thick slice bread for Noah's French toast. A lady bought all 10 loaves and put a protective arm around her cart when Michael mentioned she sure had a lot of Texas Toast.

9. Michael, again, for being Mr. Scrapbook Lady

He downloaded a free trial of Adobe Indesign, so I could use a function for the yearbook. All the downloads were annoying, but he did it for me. THANKS!

10. My mom

She called and invited the kids to sleepover 2 nights in a row.

11. Friends and family

Thanks to Kim and Teashy for offering a hot shower if we needed it!



Chocolate Cat said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. I love all the things you are giving thanks for, one of the reasons I love reading your blog, it is always uplifting and makes me smile!
Fingers crossed for you that Aaron's next doctors visit happens quickly and is only full of good news!

Shannon Dunn said...

I will be praying for Aaron. I know God won't give you more than you can handle.