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Sunday, January 02, 2011

New Year Noahism...

We plied Eve with 2 tsp. of Advil and she and Noah went down to watch Dr. Who. About an hour later Noah came into the room and very matter of factly said,

"Hey dad, the way I see it ...if a guy takes out one of your eyes and you take out one of his eyes eventually all you will get is a lot of blind people!"

Michael asked Noah to come over and stand by him because he wanted to show him something on his laptop. Michael pulled up this quote by Gandhi, "An eye for an eye, only ends up with the whole world blind."

Hear, Hear!
Happy New Year!!!


Sue H. said...

Noah is a very profound thinker. He always delights me.
I hope Eve is feeling better. It was nice to cuddle with her before yall had to go home. Happy New Year!

JP2E said...

I guess "the eye's have it"...
I really enjoyed spending time with Noah, building cool machines with his new kit he got for Christmas. Step one: Modify the original instructions.
Happy New Year and love to all from Grampa'...

Michael Taylor said...

What I liked best was the fact that he came up with it all on his own and didn't even realize he was paraphrasing Gandhi.

Michael Taylor said...

This simple logic, which is so obvious to an inquisitive ten year old, completely excapes most of our political leaders.