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Friday, December 07, 2007

Oh, My Darlin'! Oh, My Darlin! Oh, My Darlin!

...Clementine! Yes, that's right is the season for the tasty, seedless, round bits o'joy! Clementines rock the proverbial house! If you are unfamiliar with this seedless delight here is some information: Click Me!

::::::::::::::::::::Book Review:::::::::

We finished reading Magic And Other Misdemeanors last night. The kids were huddled around me like I was going to give them some football calls. The story kept all of us guessing, but not disappointed. The twists and turns were interesting and the kids really love the sub-plot about Sabrina and Puck. This series makes me think what it would be like to send Nancy Drew into Wonderland...clever and suspenceful! Two thumbs up!

:::::::::::::::::::::Yet, More Brillant Index Cards:::::::

I'm off to paint some more!



Carol said...

Hmmmmm, clementines? I've heard of them, but I'm not sure if we even have them over here. I wonder. Certainly not where we live anyway, I was lucky enough to get the last stalk of broccoli from the grocers up the road today! hahahahahahaha

Janna said...

My dad use to sing that song....
my kids call them little oranges.