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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Twisted Sense of Humor

::::::::::::::::::An Enjoyable Read:::::::

My friend, Kim, has some of the best book suggestions. One of the books she suggested is The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick.
This book is about an orphaned boy who finds himself quite hungry and in charge of maintaining the clocks in a French train station. He has been stealing toys from the toy merchant and is caught by the merchant one day. The story moves at a fast pace and kept my interest throughout. The black and white sketches with a smattering of old photos are a wonderful and integral part of the story. I highly recommend this book!
:::::::::::::::::::Another Vacation Layout:::::::::

I really liked the history prompts along the footbridge at Colonial Williamsburg. I, especially, liked the stone that asked about what difference you could make and that Rachel's shadow was cast on the stone.

Shabby Princess: Harvest Spice Kit
Darcy Baldwin: DJB MESSIE AMANDA and DJB MICHAEL at The Digichick
Additional Font: Jefferson

:::::::::::::::::Funny T-Shirts::::::::::
Michael recieves a funny t-shirt from my mom every Christmas. This year it happens to be one with his favorite quip, "I'm no rocket surgeon!"

Darcy Baldwin: DJB FOR ANNIE at The Digichick
Kate Hadfield: Space Doodles, Christmas Flowers doodle, Doodle Journal papers
Jacque Larsen: Make Believe It paper pieces
Katie Pertiet: Taped Frame
Lisa Whitney: Painted Star sticker
Kim Christensen: Tag alpha
Weeds and Wildflowers: Cherish Alpha
Shabby Miss Jenn: staples from Old Letters Lil kit
Catrine: Chalked Alpha
Shabby Princess: inked edge from Studio Chic
Bren Boone: Luscious Solids

::::::::::::::::::::::::Twisted Humor:::::::::

Michael sent me the link to this site yesterday,

This is just one of several hilarious offerings at this site and I identify with this one, especially:
My sides were hurting from laughing at some and others were definitly "WHOA!...that was a twisted way!"

::::::::::::::::::::::::::National Treasure 2, Book of Secrets:::::::::

We went to see this flick on Christmas Eve. It was a fast paced, implausible race for the city of gold. The best thing was sitting by Rachel during the movie. She would excitedly explain to me the historical aspects of the movie that she had learned from history or her reading class. She was so excited to explain there are 3 Statue of Liberty statues in the world and were they are located at the same time the actors were doing so on screen. Later she explained about Cibolla or The City of Gold. I nudged Michael so he could be in on the explanation. We brought up our family joke with her about "reading too much" and "listening in class" will rot your brain and that boys don't like smart girls. Then we patted her head and laughed saying, "You know we are joking and we are so happy that you love to learn." I certainly hope she never gets hooked up with any one who doesn't appreciate her joy in learning!
The kids and I like Riley's character in the film because he is the clever patsy and has the funny quips throughout the movie. The running gag about Riley's book that almost no one has read is quite funny. Overall, the movie isn't high cinema, but is fun for a matinee.

:::::::::::::::::::Spiral Frog:::::::::::

I had fun downloading several sketches from the comedy genre by Bill Cosby. That man is a riot. Now that I have kids his sketch titled "The Grandparents" is side-splittingly hilarious. I also downloaded a few Jerry Seinfeld sketches. He and Bill Cosby are great with the jokes regarding sports were the understanding is you go out there realizing that other people are going to try and hurt you. These guys are so clever!

::::::::::::::::::::Much Needed Rain:::::::::

We have been deluged with rain this week and more is coming. Thankful!

I hope y'all have a lovely weekend!


Flergs said...

Gorgeous layouts!!! Such wonderful colours.

LOVED National Treasure 2!! Fabulous movie. Off to see AVP2 asap!

I'll have to check out that book too! Have a great day!

Leigh said...

Love your blog! Great lo's!

Robin L said...

Nice los and wonderful blog.

evitangel said...

really great layouts! well done!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous layouts Victoria! I love them!

Your daughter just impresses me so much! Her love of learning is just so wonderful! I didn't know there were 3 statues of liberty. Shows how much I paid attention. LOL Bad me!

And that graphic about doing something poorly is awesome!

Have a great day!

Carol said...

Hello dear friend, I'm back home so want to catch up on your blog. Beautiful layouts as always. Must admit I don't know much about what the Book of Secrets movie is about, but it has Nicholas Cage in it, so that's enough for me! ~~drool~~

Julie P. aka babyofmine said...

Was NT2 more implausible than the first one? Cuz I loved that! We don't go to the theatre that much, but I really want to see NT2 on the big screen. :)

lovely scrapbook pages, as usual.