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Thursday, December 06, 2007

So, Whattya Been Doin'?

,...just curious.

The tree is still not lame is that!!! The kids are rotating who is sick and I've been busy painting downstairs, so maybe tonight???!!!

::::::::::::::::::::Perfect Attendance:::::::

is what Rachel had until a fever, headache and sore throat sidelined her, yesterday. She felt crumby today, but she went anyway. She is, usually, my healthy kid. Noah who is my croupy kid still has perfect attendance, surprisingly.

:::::::::::::::Swimming Update:::::::::

The kids' have their last swim lesson with Laura tonight. She has been an amazing instructor. Eve went from only floating on her back with some help from Michael to feeling like a little mermaid swimming under her own volition. YEAH! We need to get Noah into a SCUBA program because he wants to spend all his time underwater.

:::::::::::::::::::::Family Reading::::::::::

The kids are clamoring for me to not stop reading the newest Sisters Grimm book Magic And Other Misdemeanors. It was a near riot last night when I stopped reading at the end of chapter 8. The kids would stop me intermittently while I was reading to postulate who might be the Master of the Scarlet Hand and who was stealing the magic items.


My stepdad is taking Aaron and Rachel to see a Gladiator's hockey game tomorrow. They all like hockey, so they, hopefully, will have a blast.

:::::::::::::::::::::Lunch with A Friend:::

I was able to grab lunch with my friend Phyllis on Monday. She is so fun and we got to talk and eat, which are a couple of my personal favorite hobbies. We stopped in at a restaurant that other friends have raved about called Los Hermanos. We munched on chips, salsa, jalapeno cheese dip and chicken enchiladas. I threw in some tasty Mexican rice.

:::::::::::::::::::::A Sweet Invitation::::::::

Shabby Miss Jenn who I was a guest creative team member for November has asked me back as a guest for January. I thought that was super sweet of her!

:::::::::::::::::::::Gave Up The Ghost:::::::::

My dear smoothie maker has joined the appliance graveyard! It did, however, go out with a last hurrah by making me a delicious drink of strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, bananas, blueberry yogurt, frozen vanilla yogurt and milk. Luckily, there are always a large supply of smoothie makers around.




Anonymous said...

Hi amiga!!! thanks for your sweet comment son my blog!!! ;) (((hugs))), I'm really happy!! congrats!! I read that you'll be a CT for Shabby Miss Jenn, again!!! ;) you soooo deserve it!!!! ;)

You are a busy girl!!! painting the stairs??? that sounds like a lot of work!! good luck with that!!

I love the way you tell your news ;)

Huge hugs & kisses with love,


donna said...

Hi Victoria! Love your blog. Wish I'm as creative and talented as u! Can't wait to see some pictures of your Christmas decor. I'm sure it'll be fabulous!

Carol said...

I am so thrilled for you Victoria about an encore performance with Shabby Miss Jenn. Bravo to you. You do wonderful pages with her things. As for the tree, is it up yet? Ours still isn't. But I'm in the middle of wrapping at the moment and I'm thinking I need somewhere to put these pressies.

Make sure you take a pic for us when your tree goes up.