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Friday, November 30, 2007

Who Wants to Join With Me and Call For...

a leap day in November?! I am somewhat disturbed to think December 1st is tomorrow. My lack of preparedness is simply appalling!

::::::::::::::::Chopstick Rests::::::

We ordered these for our family Christmas dinner from Asian Ideas. The company representative is super polite and quick to respond:

Michael and I thought these chopstick rests would be a fun addition to the table decorations. The dinner menu is still being worked out, but Michael looks forward to cooking for his family. His favorite thing about last year's family dinner was cooking with Stephen and Reuben who volunteered to come early and chipped right in. Their help was invaluable and they were loads of fun to talk to!

I need to design the invite now!
This is one of my favorite songs by Elvis Costello and The Attractions.

::::::::::::::::::::::::Another Vacation Layout:::::::

This is my daughter, Eve, on the Canadian side of the border at Niagara Falls.

Darcy Baldwin: DJB MICHELLED, DJB Liz at The Digichick
Kate Hadfield: Stitched Flowers, Fabric Flowers, Dandelion freebie, Handstitched
Tiff Brady and Kate Hadfield: Wordy Bits Basics
Emily Merritt: Word Toppers
Nancy Kubo: Owl
Michelle Coleman: Color Me Solid
Kim Christensen: Doodle Tags
Jenna Desai: Whimsical Doodles
Amy Wolff: Chalked Swirls
CK Good Point: Arrow alpha by C.D. Muckosky

::::::::::::::::::::::::Stage Make-Up::::::

The local high school is putting on a play of "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe" and Rachel's girl scout troop will be taking an hour long introduction to applying stage make-up. The nice thing is that if she has any follow up questions one of my sister-in-law's has a degree in theatre and is excellent in doing stage make-up.

I hope y'all have a fantastic weekend!



Sarah said...

Those chopstick rests are Adorable!
Your LO is Gorgeous!!
I'm soo not ready for it to be Dec. 1st tomorrow either, Can You believe it! Where did the time go!

Hope you have a Wonderful Weekend!

BHo said...

Fun fishies and that layout ROCKS!

Dawn said...

I can't believe it is December already! Gorgeous layout!

Carol said...

December 1st here is the first day of summer. I don't know what is more scary. That bushfire season is upon us, or Christmas is just round the corner. Love the chopstick holders, they are too too cute.

mom said...

The dinner will be fab I am sure and chopstick holders are just darlin'. Michael is such a good cook. We need to plan a tempura dinner for the some time in the future.