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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men...

often go awry.

The Christmas tree is still bare of any lights and ornaments. Both Michael and Eveybug have been sick. Poor little Evey was heaving her wee guts out the other night, but she was so brave! She would just pat me on the arm and that meant it was time to make a run for it. I had Michael sleep on Rachel's trundle so if he needed to get to the bathroom we wouldn't be in each other's way. Michael and Eve stayed home yesterday and she had fallen asleep by the time I got home from running the kids around. So, I don't know if she will be going to school today.

Yesterday, I checked Rachel out of school to get her retainer. She picked one in an ocean blue color.

The appointment to a little over an hour because they stack the kids like cord wood with their scheduling. I suppose these folks could easily get a job in traffic control at Hartsfield...they have such similar...should it be called...skills? She was instructed to wear to only remove the retainer to eat and brush. I maintained the tradition of taking Rachel to Bruster's for a scoop of Cotton Candy Explosion. I had turtle ice cream in a waffle cone. The pecans were perfection itself...mmm good!

Noah and Aaron had scouts. Michael was supposed to go, but was too sick. The cub scouts conducted a flag retirement ceremony and they did a fantastic job. They were very respectful and reverent during the ceremony and the boys did a, mostly, good job of listening. Afterwards the boys were treated to hot chocolate and chocolate chip cookies.
Aaron was supposed to have his board of review for advancement, but his dad, the Scout Master, was sick and the Committee Chairman had to leave because his son's stitches came out during a game the scout's were playing, so he will have to wait a few more days for the review.

::::::::::::::::George's Secret Key To The Universe:::::::::

This book written by Lucy and Stephen Hawking sucked the kids in like the black hole that is discussed in the book. The stories title character, George, is a boy who wants to learn about technology, but his parents are extreme environmentalists. George meets his young next door neighbor, Annie and the adventure begins. Annie's dad is a scientist who uses a sleek looking laptop named Cosmos to research the universe for an earth-like planet for us to inhabit after we have depleted our own world. George has a couple of thrilling space adventures, which kept the kids wanting me to read the next chapter...and the next. Interspersed throughout the book are photos and facts about space. The book has information, as recent as, 2006. In the part of the story, specifically, about the black hole the theory of Hawking Radiation is explained. What was really cool about it was Michael had read about it and was animatedly explaining how it worked to the children and me.
The moral of the story is that we need to take care of the planet we have, while looking for another habitable planet. The story was a fun and informational read. I recommend it if you have kids who enjoy space and science adventures.

::::::::::::::::::::::Magic And Other Misdemeanors

by Michael Buckley is the next book in the series of stories about the Sisters Grimm. My kids were so anxious to get this book started and see what the girls and the crazy town of Everafters were up to in Ferryport Landing. The first chapter was packed with excitement with the zany character, Puck and his chimpanzee army. This should be a wild adventure!

::::::::::::::::::::::::Family Reunion Layout:::::::::::

Darcy Baldwin: DJB MICHAEL, SAVE THE DATE at The Digichick,
Gina Miller: Canvas of Color
Catrine: Journaling papers
Jenn Patrick: Backward Staples
Kate Hadfield: Rainbow Rubberbands, Heavy Duty Staples
Katie Pertiet: Taped Frames
Ida: Crayon doodles
Amy Wolff: Chalked Swirls

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Amanda said...

I had so many various colored retainers in junior high. I broke a few and a few ended up in the trash accidentally after lunch. So beware the removal while eating! I dug through one too many school cafeteria trash cans to have fond memories of retainers. :o)