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Monday, November 26, 2007

Get Your Game Face On!

::::::::::::::Get A Clue:::::

Darcy Baldwin: DJB Lena, DJB JGEEK, DJB Connorbuck, DJB ADEE1 at The Digichick
Nancy Comelab: 2page frame cluster
Nancy Kubo: Owl Graphics
Weeds and Wildflowers: Fall Alpha
Shabby Miss Jenn: journal paper from Tree Trimmin' Party
Robin Carlton: Color Tabs
Catrine: Chalked Alpha

:::::::::::::::It Boggles The Mind:::::::

Darcy Baldwin: Little Bits Alpha and DJB MANDY at The Digichick
Weeds and Wildflowers: Cherish Alpha
Amy Wolff: Chalked Swirls
Misty Mareda: Cardboard Frame from Thankful Heart at LDD
Michelle Coleman: black background paper from Thankful Heart at LDD
Shabby Miss Jenn: staples from Old Letters Lil kit
Catrine: Cardboard Swirls, Chalked Alpha, Pauline Alpha
Nancy Comelab: Surprise photo cluster
Lori Barnhurst: Cluster staples from Thankful Heart at LDD
Emily Merritt: Tile Alpha
Amber Clegg: Date Stamp

::::::::::::::::::::A Joy To Listen To::::
A Christmas Carol by Dickens, read by Patrick Stewart (Abridged)

Patrick Stewart's rendition of this perennial classic is so amazing! His characterization of each voice, even the clock, sucks you right in to the story! I highly recommend this version for those of you who love this story.

::::::::::::::::::::Tree Trimmin' Time::::

Our plan is to try and trim the Christmas tree tonight. Unlike past year where we have waited until the last week to get our tree the kids and I purchased the tree on Friday. The Boy Scout troop my stepdad, Jim, works with sells trees every year as their fund raiser. I had initially picked a tree, but I wavered for a few minutes and it was snapped up by another family. They have good taste, so I looked on. I found a tree laying on the ground that Jim told me was a second and they were going to use for making wreaths. It looked like a fine tree to me, not like the small skraggly tree from a Charlie Brown special, so we struck a deal and that tree was set up by Michael on Saturday.



klonghall said...

I love that version of A Christmas Carol. I have the cassette tape version that Donnie bought for me years ago. He introduced me to Patrick Stewart as part of the Star Trek 101 tutoring from our early dating days. I had no idea who Capt. Jean Luc Picard was before that.

Have you seen the silly version of A Christmas Carol at Stone Mountain? It's Bridger's favorite part of Christmas out there. They actors do some improv and are hilarious.

20Birds said...

i went right away and reserved this version of the Christmas Carol from the library, i so trust your endorsements. Have a happy one today... any photos from the tree? We will go soon into the bush and find our tree.