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Saturday, November 17, 2007


::::::::::::::::::Riding In Cars With Boys:::::

...well, at least, that boy!

Dialogue: Noah: Why do you think the people who made the movie "Transformers" didn't use Hot Shot?
I Mean Hot Shot is a major character! Why did they choose Bumblebee?

Me: I don't know.

Noah: What could they be thinking? Hot Shot was like second in command!

Me: I don't know.

Noah: I don't really want an answer. I'm just asking the question.

Me: Oh! So you are asking a rhetorical question.

Noah: What is a rhetorical question?

Me: It is a question where you don't expect an answer.

Noah: I ask a Lot of rhetorical questions!

Journaling: Having conversations with Noah is always an interesting experience. Sometimes the conversations are exasperating, futile, or just plain silly. Noah has questions that make him seem like a very old soul. It was very enlightening for both of us to realize that some of these are just rhetorical!

Jan Crowley: Comic Junkie
Michelle Coleman: LDD Color Matters, Hand Stamped Alpha
Kate Hadfield: Vehicle Doodles, Animal Doodles, Halloween Doodles, New Home Doodle
Catrine: Chalked Alpha
Two Sisters Design: Label It Alpha
Amber Clegg: Date Stamp
Nancy Comelab: Cluster frame modified
Anna Benjamin: Robot Sticker (Paper Moon)

The other conversation during the same car ride was about stuffed animals. Eve stated, rather proudly, that she had many more stuffed animals than Noah. Noah, mind you, was sitting with his beloved stuffed pig, Oinky. He tenderly and calmly replied to Eve's boast by saying, "I have Oinky and that is all I need." How cool was that?!

:::::::::::::::::::::Swimming Lesson Update::::::::::

Eve is now coming up for breath more frequently. This, as you all know, is a great thing! She is really good about using both her arms and legs to move her through the water. Noah forgets to kick his legs and wants to only use his freestyle stroke. He really prefers just swimming to the bottom of the pool. Laura may get sainthood for her patience with my kids.
Since Rachel was running late from her dental appointment Laura was able to work with Aaron for 15 minutes. His arms look really good, but his kicking is inefficient. He also forgets to turn his head to grab a breath. He is improving, though.
I helped Rachel dress quickly, so she could get in the pool. She practiced her freestyle and backstroke. When the 30 minutes was up for Aaron's lesson Laura asked if she could teach Rachel the breast stroke. Rachel was very excited to learn something new and she found out that she has a natural breast stroker's kick.

While Rachel was finishing up her lesson Aaron helped Eve keep practicing her swimming. He was really good with encouraging her.

::::::::::::::::::::Hang Out At Home Movie::::::

of the day is "Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy". Rachel will be a bit sad she missed it, as she is on a "double" sleepover. She is spending the night with a friend from her Girl Scout Troop for a second night. Rachel's favorite character in the movie is Marvin the manickly depressed robot.


Carol said...

Awww, the layout is coming up with a red cross, I can't see it. Noah, let me tell you, if Oinky is worth a zillion stuffed animals to you, then that's all you need. I still have my Andy Pandy and he is 43 years old, so I know what you mean.

Carol said...

I'm back to see and it's BRILLIANT!!! Love the cartoon.

Oh how I would love to sit side by side with you in a room and digi scrap together over many cups of tea and cookies and get inspired by you!!!

PsiPsi said...

this layout is so cooooooool and I have laughed so much because of the conversations you talked about I know them pretty well*lol* thnky for giving me a laught today

Heather said...

I love that layout! How fun!!!!!

And good for him on his response! I would have been so proud. Mine would have started arguing and I would have gone crazy! LOL

I'm glad the swimming is going well!

Have a great day!

MOM said...

I can't wait to sit and watch BEN 10 with Noah on Wednesday night. Maybe he will help cook the turkey during the commercial breaks. I missed Rachel but I know she is growing up and making lots and lots of good friends. I love all your layouts. YOu are a talented woman! You make your mammy proud as can be! Love, MOM