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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Joan of Arc and Other People Wary of...

incensed citizens.

:::::::::::::::::::Library Board Meeting::::::::

Michael was one of 4 people who spoke before the library board. He was the only one who spoke in favor of the current internet policy. He was able to get throught his prepared message except for two short paragraphs. There were no applause, but I figure the majority of people who choose to follow their conscience against the popular opinion rarely receive any. On the way I compared his effort to Joan of Arc who followed what she knew to be right, but ended up burned at the stake. Michael wasn't really bouyed up by this comparison. It just happened to be on my mind because the kids and I had watched "Bone of Arc"
with the doggie actor Wishbone. There were reporters for Channel 2 and 46 there, as well as, a reporter from the Atlanta Journal and Constitution. We gave the AJC reporter Michael's notes when she asked for excerpts of his statement.

This is a layout of a day Rachel played with mischevious glee in the huge puddles left after the brief rainstorm while we were at Niagara Falls.

This template was by wyowoman (Kristen Tilley) for the DST Digital Scrapbook Day.
Darcy Baldwin: DJB HeatherG at The Digichick
Scarletheels Media: Papers and Netter Alpha
Misty Mareday: Together brush, Calendar numbers
Kate Hadfield: Weather doodles, Flower Doodles, Stitched Doodle Alpha, Newspaper Doodle Apha, Taped Journal bits, Taped Alpha, Staples, Doodle Alpha, Doodle Tape
Emily Merritt: Tile Alpha
Catrine: Chalk Alpha
Audrey Neal: Alpha for The Lily Pad's Summer Collab kit
Ashley Olsen: Faithfulness Alpha

::::::::::::::::::::::Current Quick Reads::::::
Zachary Zormer: Shape Transformer

There are little sketches with directions in the back for kids to do what the character in the story creates. This was a clever little book.

The Last Dance by Carmen Deedy

From Publishers Weekly
Despite the precious life lessons knit into the story line ("Every human being has a right to three things: to dance... to sing... to tell stories"), Deedy's fluid prose and flair for imagery ("the moon sat full-bellied on the treetops") turns a potentially trite story into a sweet, sentimental one. Childhood sweethearts Ninny and Bessie make a pact that when one of them dies, the other will come to the graveyard and dance on the grave. The story spans a lifetime, from the young couple's early moonlight dances at Ninny's grandfather's grave through marriage, a war and a last anniversary. In the end, Bessie fulfills her promise and saves the last dance for her beloved Ninny. Santini's impressionistic watercolors, rendered in muted shades of rose, smoke blue, and browns, effectively capture the bittersweet mood of the story. A note: although the subject may be more likely to appeal to beginning readers, the text-set in a decorative scriptface-is a visual stumbling block. Ages 8-12.
Copyright 1995 Reed Business Information, Inc.

I agree with the note from this review in regards to the type face, but the message was still good.

::::::::::::::::::::::::::Saturday at The Movies::::::
The girls and I went to see "The Rock", Dwayne Johnson, in this movie:

The movie was fun. I have to say The Rock has some of the best set of teeth I have ever seen! The message about a guy who is self-centered learning to love someone was pretty cool.

My mom and Noah went to see "The Bee Movie" with Jerry Seinfeld. They reported a fun movie, too. It worked out that the films were only at slightly different times, so we could go in one car.

:::::::::::::::::::::::Weather Update::::::::::::

My friend Janna asked about the lack of rain in the area. We are experiencing a severe drought. The local pond the kids like to go by is extremely shallow. Michael and Aaron went caving in North Georgia on Saturday and the water fall was not as strong as it has been in the last few years. The Fall leaves are lacking in color...just dull all around. The need for rain gets more dire all the time. Our state of Georgia is at odds with Alabama and Florida over water rights, which doesnt' make for happy government relations either.

Must run off!

Later, gators!


Heather said...

Look at all the stuff I miss when I'm sick for a week. LOL

I've now got the wishbone theme going through my head - what's the story wishbone? LOL

I'm gonna have to go back and read, cuz I have know what was going on at the library meeting!

Great layouts Victoria! But they always are!!!!!

Canisunis said...

here is a link to channel 46's coverage on the library story:

Michael is only in it for a few seconds, but he is there.

Janna said...

Oh I love Wishbone!

Thanks for the water update!

Carol said...

Michael can feel very proud that he has stated his mind and I hope he's given the others some food for thought, although it sounds like they are stuck in their ways and won't budge.