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Friday, November 02, 2007

Remember...You are Allowed To Breath!

This is what Eve's swim instructor kept trying to get her to remember while swimming across the pool. Eve looked like a cute polly wog swimming under the water, but she didn't want to come up for air until she hit a person, or the wall. She was super lung girl. We all just laughed and shook our heads in disbelief.

When we got home all the kids got a bath and Eve sounded pretty horse. She seems to have gotten what ever Aaron has and hers has taken the form of laryngitis and a cold. Aaron is feeling a bit better, but he gets a cold sore every time he gets sick.

::::::::::::::::::Fun & Games:::::::

A fun time at Colonial Williamsburg on the Fourth of July.

The Wooden Hoop and Stick were considered great fun, as well as, exercise. Aaron, Noah, Rachel and Eve were all "game" for playing with the 18th Century toys. Rachel was able to get a good run on the hoop a couple of times. Eve tried valiantly, but couldn't keep the hoop up for long. Both Noah and Aaron had a good time playing...a stick was involved. That was a good enough start for them.

Shabby Miss Jenn Designs: Old Letter Lil Kit
Darcy Baldwin: DJB Lindy at The Digichick
Jen Caputo: Paper tear template

This kit was provided by Shabby Miss Jenn as part of my November Guest appearance on her team. Thank you, Miss Jenn!

::::::::::::::::::::::::Time Out:::::::

Tomorrow I get to go to Time Out. I really like the concept for adults. I am actually going to her some uplifting speakers talk to the women of our Church. My mom and I are looking forward to hanging out together for a few hours!

::::::::::::::::::::::Christmas is Coming:::

and my mom is doing the coolest thing for me! She is paying for a basic cake decorating class at Cake Art. They use the Wilton cake stuff. It should be fun and the kids are looking forward to the samples when I practice. I'll probably start the class in January.

::::::::::::::::::::The Bourne Ultimate:::::

This book had more twists and turns then Wisteria on chain-link fence! The book completely different from the movie, but I enjoyed them both. The mind games of trying to out guess each other were mentally fatiguing! The interesting character difference that is brought out repeatedly in the book from that in the movie is Bourne's height. In the book he stands out for his tall athletic physic. In the movie, Matt Damon, is average height and build. Not a big deal, just different. The most interesting characters were ones that found a bit of humanity and redemption for their evil ways, but never completely changed their spots. There was an interesting paragraph were Ludlum made the statement about people who ask for forgiveness through their religion for something that they know they are going to turn around and do all over again. That was food for thought...sounds like Mardi Gras.

All in all, the Bourne trilogy by Ludlum (a Fourth book has been written with approval by another author) are suspenceful books. They give a bit of insight into the minds of men who fought during Vietnam and the aftermath of world relations from the eyes of an injured man...mind, body and soul.

:::::::::::::::::::::::Digital Scrapbook Day::::

is November 3rd, so check out some of my links if you are interested in getting some great deals!

I hope y'all have a great weekend!

1 comment:

Carol said...

A few comments to make. I think Eve maybe not super lung girl, but a mermaid in disguise! She is so sweet.

The double layout is awesome, as brilliant, if not more so than usual.

And as for the cake decorating class, you lucky lucky duck. This will be fabulous, I can't wait to then see the layouts you'll do of the magic birthday cakes you'll be making. I liked going to the Shows and seeing the cake decorating and was in awe of what they looked like. What a lovely mum you have to do that, and yes, it is the coolest thing.