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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Darcy Baldwin: DJB MICHAEL at The Digichick
Kate Hadfield: Halloween Doodles
Tiff Brady and Kate Hadfield: Halloween Wordy Bits
Katie Pertiet: Taped Frame
Nancy Comelab: Freebie frame October
Emily Merritt: Meshy Brush Add-on, Meshy Glitter Brush
Font: Blackadder ITC

Eve wore her Wicked Witch of the East costume with panache! Michael repurposed Aaron's old Dracula cape, stitched up some black & grey yarn for hair, a $ 1.00 hat, black tights, Rachel's old velvet dress and old ruby slippers.

Darcy Baldwin: DJB Michael at The Digichick
Kate Hadfield: Halloween Doodles, Doodled Alpha and Doodled Frame
Tiff Brady and Kate Hadfield: Halloween Wordy Bits, Basic Wordy Alpha
Bren Boone: Luscious Solids

Noah was excited to lose his second tooth so quickly! Now he has lost both central incisors.

Darcy Baldwin: Rubbed Out Alpha, Save The Date, DJB AMANDAG, DJB SUSANR all at The Digichick
Katie Pertiet: Taped Frame
Kate Hadfield: Stitched Alpha, Heavy Duty Staples, Journal Doodles, Rainbow Tape, Doodle Borders, Pipe Cleaner Stars, Rainbow Rubberbands
Tiff Brady and Kate Hadfield: Wordy Bits Alpha
Rhonna Farrer: Peachy Keen paper
Emily Merritt: Going Home Add-On
Natalie Braxton: Boy Buttons, Stitched Cut-Outs
Jenn Patrick: Backward Staples
Christina Renee: Punch Label Alpha
Catrine: Journal Paper

:::::::::::Color Test:::::::
I saw this test on Julie P.' site and I scored 88% the first time and 100% the second time. The retake used the same word and color matches. I always find the tests that throw in a new batch of variables to be the best, but this one is fun.

Color Test
:::::::::::::::::::::Field Day Photos::::::

coming tomorrow. Aaron is sick so I need to tend to him!

Have a Sweet night!


JanMary said...

Great halloween costumes and layouts. Off to look at color match.

Michael Taylor said...

This color test has been used for decades as a spy test. Lets say all of these words were written in Russian. You would likely get a quick 100% for naming the colors if you didn't speak Russian. However, If you did speak Russian You would be slowed down by the apparent paradox. At the very least you would score slower on the test even if you managed to eek out 100%

Anonymous said...

Hope Aaron gets better soon, loved the layouts! Nathalie