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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wednesday, the 24th...

::::::::::::Rachel Found Something Interesting On The Mailbox::::::

Rachel found a twig caterpillar, but first she thought it might be a "bird poop" caterpillar like the one she saw reading an article at school in National Geographic. She was so excited to show me what I had ignored while getting the mail. She really liked the camouflage this caterpillar used to disguise itself from the birds.

Darcy Baldwin: DJB LENA, DJB JENNA, DJB Doodl E Doo, DJB AMANDAG, Cheapskate Outline
Mindy Terasawa: Spring Feastival
Jenn Patrick: Backward Staples
Carol Abrams: Good Vs. Evil Frames (Lightened Blend Effect)
Jackie Eckles: Highlight Brushes
Christina Renee: brad from Bookplate Alpha

::::::::::::::::Blackberry Craving:::::::

I have never had a craving for blackberries before, but in the frozen food aisle I got kind of dreamy about blackberries. Then, I thought, you don't want to get those they have seeds and you hate spitting out the seeds and getting them in your teeth! I continued my non-verbal dialogue...But, they would be so lovely with some blueberries, bananas and strawberries and a bit of yogurt! The final straw was realizing that I do indeed floss, so all would be fine if I threw the frozen bag of berries in the cart I would be just fine.

:::::::::::::::::Thanks, Eddie Rabbit!:::::

I walked out the door to go to the store and rain was falling down, which is in great need for our area. The first thing that came into my mind was..."I love a rainy night. What a beautiful site! I can feel the rain on my face and the rain on my lips. Oh, it makes me feel good!"

:::::::::::::::::Costume Design::::::::::::

Michael finished the yarn wig for Eve. He sewed the yarn to a strip of fabric that fits on her head like a hat ring. She can take it off indepently of the hat if she needs to. He also cut out a circle of cardboard for Rachel's lollipop head and painted a big candy swirl. We will have to put finishing touches on it tonight. He has the camera in the car, so I will have to take photographs later.

:::::::::::::::::This Article Had Everyone Playing Along::,22049,22535838-5012895,00.html?from=mostpop

and here...

is an article debunking the test

This was fun.

Later, gators!

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Carol said...

Mmmmm, blackberry jam is as close as I get to blackberries. I'm a blueberry gal myself!! LOL
Fabulous layout as always.