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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Day Dream Believer...

and the homecoming queen Ordinary Princess.

::::::::::::::::::::::::::Day Dreams:::::::::::::::


"Noah's face looked so serene as the warm Summer sun cast its warm light on his face. Our destination was Shenandoah National Park. You were cuddled with your best pal, "Oinkey" and his side kick "Danny" the stuffed dog. I wonder if they came along with you on your imaginary journey during the afternoon series of ..."

Midnight Diamonds - coming soon (have your eyes wide open maybe on thursday)

by Dawn Inskip at NDISB

Also by Dawn Inskip the “Oh Boy” kit doodles:

Font: DJB ANOTHER MANDY by Darcy Baldwin at The Digichick

:::::::::::::The Ordinary Princess

My friend, Kim, has come through with her record of great book suggestions intact. I, thoroughly, enjoyed the story of Princess Amy, The Ordinary Princess. Amy was given a gift by those, often meddlesome and flustering, fairies from around the kingdom. Having the fairies come was against the king's wishes, but the queen and councillors insisted on inviting all of them. All was going well, in the king and queen's estimation, until the arrival of the elderly fairy, Crustacea. She bestowed upon the radiantly beautiful baby the gift of being "ordinary". From that moment Princess Amy was a girl with a turned up nose, freckles and mousy brown hair that was a bit unruly. She grew up to enjoy being in the forest and disdaining the stuffiness of castle life. The funniest parts, to me, were the ways her parents contrived to have their 7th daughter married off...lowered lighting, having the plainest attendants in the room with her. Those wishing to possibly marry Princess Amy never stayed long after seeing her. The last straw was the scheme to hire a dragon to lay waste to a portion of the kingdom to inspire a valiant prince to kill the dragon and then feel compelled to marry her after having gone to all the effort to save her. She ditches castle life for a home in the forest, but a tattered dress makes her find a job. The story continues and is simply a fun story about enjoying the life with out the stuffiness and pretensions of class.


Some kind folks have inquired if there is any storm damage at our house from the tornado. There was only a lot of rain, but no damage for us.

:::::::::::::::::::::Crocheted Socks:::::::::

I'm off to crochet some beads onto bobby socks for my future niece and another niece turning 2. Eve will probably help, which means beads all over creation. :)

Later, gators.


Scrap Evangel said...

Love the Day Dream lo. The way the sun is hitting his face... Precious!

Erin said...

What a beautiful layout! Glad you didn't have any tornado damage, but that must have been scary. My daughter has a pair of socks someone gave her with the beads, and she still loves them!

AfriDigiDiva said...

that is an incredibly lovely layout.

DawnMarch said...

Love your layout -- the photos are terrific!

Carol said...

Noah looks sure like he is having some sweet dreams there. And as for a tornado, how absolutely scary, I can't even imagine.

klonghall said...

'Glad you liked the book. I can't even remember how I found that book, but when I used to read it to my 4th graders, it was almost impossible to buy a copy. I'm always a sucker for a good fairy tale. And, Amy, well, I love her! My 4th graders, even the boys, always enjoyed that story. I recently re-read "Once Upon a Marigold" by Jean Ferris. When you want to subject the family to another "princess" book, it's a good follow up--full of sarcastic humor and a male lead, too. Another all-time favorite, and not a princess book, by Jean Ferris is "Love Among the Walnuts." You would appreciate the quirkiness of that delightful book more than most people I know. Thanks for building my ego as a bookworm and supporting my habit for Juvenile Literature!

Granny Sue said...

Reading to Denny every morning gives me a chance to try out lots of different books. I should try some of yours, too. I think he would love them.