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Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Weekend is Hopping!

:::::::::::::::::Busy Friday:::::::::

Decorating sugar cookies was a big hit for Eve's preschool class. The kids were so polite. Rachel helped me cut out flower, bunny, and egg shapes for the cookies. I bought some whipped vanilla frosting and I already had a variety of Spring themed sprinkles. Aaron read a really cool book about the Easter Bunny who is an "Artiste"

This is Eve showing me how to swing. "You kick out your feet, mommy!"

"Then, you pull them back!"

In the afternoon I went to help in Noah's class. I got to lead Noah's group on a scavenger hunt for goodies through the school. Then, I poured Sprite for the kids while they made dirt cups.
Noah's painted pail for the scavenger hunt.

In the evening the Girl Scout meeting went pretty well. I remembered the snacks and we talked about In-gathering. I plan to go as a chaperone.

:::::::::::::::::This Girl Has Skillz!

This is a layout of my SIL, Lettitia, helping the twins make a bracelet.

coming soon at sophia
Sketch It alpha by Luisa Leandro
Also: Debut kit by Luisa Leandro at Sophia Sarducci
By Dawn Inskip: A Little Sunshine, Guest C.T. mini kit
Font: DJB My Dear Marsha, and DJB LENA by by Darcy Baldwin at The Digichick
Meredith Fenwick: Arrow from Caution brush set.
Scarletheels Media: Doodle Teeny Alpha
Rhonna Farrer: Snapshot Frames

::::::::::::::::::::::A Crooked Kind of Perfect::::

by Linda Urban was such an enjoyable read. Her short chapter styles keep the book fresh and fast paced. The main character, Zoe Elias, is 10 years-old (almost 11) at the beginning of the book. Zoe has grand dreams to play piano at Carnegie Hall and be the next Vladmir Horowitz. Her dream takes a detour in reality as her father, who has issues with people and flashing lights, buys Zoe a Perfectone D60 organ, instead of a grand piano. Zoe learns to play the organ and enjoy the campy feel of being able to replicate such standard hits as the theme song to Green Acres.
Zoe's father is such an interesting agoraphobic. He buys into every diploma at home you can think up. He finally finds his niche in baking and surprisingly becomes a mentor to Wheeler, a class mate of Zoe's.
The title's meaning comes out, to me, in every facet of the book. Zoe wants to play a grand piano at Carnegie Hall. She gets to play a Perfectone D60 in a hotel conference room with metal folding chairs. Zoe's dad wants to support his daughter and family, but his agoraphobia limits how long he feels he can stay out in public. He compensates by finding a job baking in the morning away from the crowds. Zoe takes toe socks to a party that is filled with girls who like "Brats" apparel and knows that "nobody wears socks!" Zoe learns that with practice you can burp upside down due to her, unlikely, good friend Wheeler. The characters have the great quality of believeability, like "I know that person" type quality.
One of the great messages comes on page p165, "Perfecton itself is imperfection. I attributed to Vladimir Horowitz who went on to explain,...Each note can only be right in one way. A B-flat is a B-flat. A robot can get a B-flat right. But getting the heart right is something only a person can do. And the ways to do it are as many and as different as there are people in the world."

Zoe meets a girl at her Perfectone competition who makes this humorous observation: "Wouldn't that be funny if everybody wore shirts with true stuff on them?..."Like 'No Mind of Myh Own' or 'I Hope This Shirt Makes Me Look Cool."

I recommend this book for all ages. It is a fun refreshing book that is a bit off center...just like I like things!

btw, Thanks, again, Kim! :)

:::::::::::::::Recommendation Friday (on Saturday)::::::::

Dual purpose items that I find really cool are SKORTS and SPORKS. Folks, this REALLY is the best of two worlds colliding for a single great purpose in their respective spheres. (I haven't had much sleep lately...could you tell?)

Evey loves skorts and I love them, too! You get to have a girly fashion thing going on without worrying who in the world can glimpse you underwear. Active miniature fashionistas can be so happy.

Then, there is the spork. I was first introduced to the spork at Kentucky Fried Chicken. Though, I haven't supped from that fine fast food establishment in years I still have fond memories of the spork. Since Aaron needed a new cook kit and utensils Michael went to R.E.I. and picked Aaron up a really nice new cook kit and a spork. Aaron was really happy for both items. So handy and only one utensil to clean. Yippee!

:::::::::::::::::::Bead Socks::::::::::::
Here are the socks I make for the little girls in our family:

Happy Easter, y'all! :)


Anonymous said...

SPORKS rock! ROFL Taco Bell Nachos Supreme cannot be eaten without a spork. LOL

And I love skorts too. Alyce just wore one yesterday. Can' have diaper butt showing to the world!

Beautiful layout! It's so fun! I bet they had fun making the bracelets!

And the pictures of her swinging are adorable! can she come teach Katiana how to swing? PUSH ME! LOL

Have a wonderful Easter Victoria!

amy said...

great great socks....

JanMary said...

Great pics, and love those beaded socks.

AfriDigiDiva said...

Cute photos! Love the layouts. the sports socks are my fav.

Carol said...

Oh Victoria, the bead socks are absolutely sensational. Can you even imagine a little girl in a party dress wearing socks like that. Heck, I'd wear them every single day of the week. Gorgeous you clever chicky.

Janna said...

I love the bead socks!

Eve's pictures are cute too!