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Monday, March 17, 2008

Where, Oh Where, Have My Car Keys Gone?

::::::::::::::::::LOST::::::::::::AND FOUND!::::
The only real excitement this weekend was losing my keys. My mom located them where they had fallen out of my pocket. Thanks, Mom!

:::::::::::::::::Noah's International Folk Dance::::::::::

Darcy Baldwin's font: DJB DONNAR at The Digichick
Mary Fran's "Giddy Up" kit
Nancy Comelab's Cluster frames
Kate Hadfield's Heavy Duty Staples, Journaling paper, and Black Doodle Alpha

::::::::::::::::College Road Trip::::::::::

Michael and I took Rachel and Aaron to see College Road Trip with Raven, Martin Lawrence and Donny Osmond. We laughed a lot. The movie was really fun and Donny Osmond was hilarious. If you want some laughs without worrying about foul language and folks breaking into song this would foot the bill.

My mom took Noah and Eve to see Horton Hears A Who. They reported that that was a fun movie, too!

Must run, now!



Carol said...

Now what was I watching the other day? Might have been E News. They had bloopers from College Road Trip. So funny, they looked like they had so much fun filming.

Love the bandana material you have on the layouts, so perfect!

Janna said...

Did you have any damage in the resent tornadoes in GA?

I am planning on taking the kids to see road trip for spring break, next week,

Granny Sue said...

Horton was a lot of fun! I want to see College Road Trip, too.