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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Not Camera Shy, Just...

Camera Clueless::::

Rainbow Kit by Karen Lewis at
Fonts: DJB MICHAEL by Darcy Baldwin, Artistamp Medium

School house freebie and background paper by Jacque Larsen, Doodle frame by Kate Hadfield, Krafty Alpha by Edeline Designs, Font: DJB Mandy by Darcy Baldwin, Word art by Emily Merritt

Studio Paris by Debra Tope, Evitangel freebie by Cinnamon Designs, Bus doodle by Kate Hadfield, Font: DJB Julianna In a Hurry, and DJB Mandy by Darcy Baldwin @ The Sweet Shoppe, Distressed frame overlay by Something Blue Studios, Krafty Alpha by Edeline Designs

Yesterday, I took out some stuff to recycle, started a load of dishes, then laid down to read my book (Mrs. Dalloway)while waiting the last 30 minutes for the kids to come home on the bus. I set my glasses down for a minute, then I heard banging on the door. Apparently, I can fall asleep! I don't think I have had proper sleep in 14 years and since my short cat nap doesn't really count my record is secure. ;) It is nice to know my body still can sleep okay, if given the chance. I think I must have the need for spontaneous napping because I'm pretty sure if I set out to nap someone would have called, or I would have a thousand things going through my mind that would have distracted me.

:::::::::::::::::::::Jonas Brothers:::::::::

Rachel was invited to go with a friend to see the Jonas Brothers in concert. She called me all giddy around 11:00pm to tell me she was on the way home. She plopped into bed a little after 12:00am. Surprisingly, she was hard to wake up today. I hope she blogs about the concert. She said Demi Lavato was the opening act and it was Demi's birthday, as well. Brynna was so kind to invite Rachel.

::::::::::::::::::::Speaking of Kind::::::::

My neighbor, Kristen, needed some vinegar for a marinade, so I gave her a few tablespoons. In return her daughter brought over two delicious slices of steak. The taste was delightful. I'm hoping for the recipe!

Off to go walking and help in the school library! :)

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