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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fun in the Sun...

::::::::::::::::Girl Scout Day at the Braves:::::::

Rachel helped Eve while they waited for an hour until the walk started. Rachel is a wonderful big sis!

:::::::::::::Eve is a Daisy Scout:::::::
On Tuesday she received her smock with the ribbon turned backwards. When she accomplishes 3 good deeds the ribbon is turned to face out.

Evey and her pal, Alexandra:

Michael has this on his blog and I enjoyed it so much I'm including it on mine:

Science is too cool!

:::::::::::::Book Review::::::::

This book is one I never read as a kid, but I really enjoyed as a family read. The story of the children longing for a mother in their lives since theirs had died. A father trying to give his family what it needed in pioneer circumstances and a strong willed woman looking for a place to belong that would be her own. A great story!

::::::::::::Eve Will Be...

6 on Sunday. I'll blog again when we get back from taking her to her birthday surprise!

Take care! :)


Carol said...

Hey Eve my little twin, I will look forward to hearing what your birthday surprise is. I hope there'll be pictures. Will check back then.

20Birds said...

i live with Mythbuster fanatics so tomorrow it is going on my blog also... cracked me up... and i love the sarah books... and i remember when i had little Daisy Scouts... what fun!

Rachel said...

Look it's me! Hey Mom you got my good side.