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Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Tooth Fairy Sets Up A Tent at The Taylor House...

Noah was brushing his teeth, this morning, and came down with a tooth in his hand. He said it got stuck in between the bristles. He now has both of his two front teeth gone. Rachel's molar was the other day. With the way the economy is going we may just slip a few dollars in as a request with the 700 billion dollar bailout. I'm not sure anyone would notice.

Thank you to everyone who called and emailed about my last post! Y'all are AWESOME! Also, thank you to Suzanne for the crazy old advertisement email. I will never look at Lysol the same way again...EVER! I also think choosing to walk with my bad foot is still a better method at weight lose then a bottle of tape worms. :)

My neighbor, Kristen, invited me to go kayaking. We went here:

The Dam Store Canoe and Kayak
Come enjoy the North Georgia jewels, Lake Lanier and the Chattahoochee River in a boat. Kayak trips, Buford Dam to Settles Bridge, 5 miles, 2 + hours only $10, shuttle included. Convenient shuttle times.

We had a fun paddling in the 48 degree farenheit water, while the air was in the warm 80s. We saw a couple of blue herons, sunning turtles, mallards and a few fly fisherman. It turns out to get a photo with me in it you have to go with a friend who dares take her nice, digital camera and a Ziploc down the river.

:::::::::::::::::::::::Cake Art Class:::::::::

I finished my royal icing flowers for my final class. I put the final product away before snapping a photo, but I do have a few to upload tomorrow. I will bake the cake and put a crumb coat on Monday. I also have my color flow pieces done. I'm hoping that nothing gets demolished before "game" time.

:::::::::::::Playin' Around::::::
with a kit by Karen Lewis and Danielle Engebretson:

Take care! :)


marcus said...

2.5 Gallon Zip lock bags are the perfect size for keeping dSLRs dry. Most are the slide locks though which aren't the most secure zippers, so double bag it if you think it might get seriously wet.

When I shoot in the rain, I cut out a corner of one of the 2.5 gallon bags and stretch the opening around the lens. The wide mouth is big enough for me to get my hands in and work the camera controls, while providing a reasonable amount of protection for the delicate electronics.

Chocolate Cat said...

Great photo!!! The kayaking looks fun but sounds exhausting!!

Suzanne said...

I made the blog today. :-) That email was off the wall. Santa Claus promoting cigarettes and the tape worm diet were my "favorites". HA!

48 degrees. I am cold just thinking about it. You look that you had fun though.

Sue H. said...

I love the photo of you having fun! The tooth fairy is definitely making out like a bandit at the Taylor house. I think the dentist is getting cut, too.
I loved the e-mail from Suzanne, too, what a hoot with doctors advertising cigerettes - it was definitely a different time.

Carol said...

What fun you look to be having kayaking! It looks like a beautiful area from what I can see.