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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Could I Have A Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich?

...Now, take that question and pass it through the Rachel Taylor translator...

Could I have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich= I have a Science Olympiad project that I forgot to tell you about. I need the peanut butter jar for this project that I can't quite explain. I also need a dowel, rubber band and tape. I know the bus comes in 30 minutes, so I got up and got myself dressed, so you wouldn't be too mad.

"What!" put through the Victoria translator= Why didn't you tell us, yesterday, when your dad was home and he could have helped you in no time!

The news was coupled with the, "If we don't have this project for our team we may get disqualified."

Me: "Are you sure?"

Rachel: "No, well, maybe it will be alright."

I have lived with Michael for long enough to know that my daughter is speaking girl/woman speech, which expresses a lot of emotion, but doesn't have much resembling how to fix the problem. I have been learning Guy Speech, which is based on ascertaining the problem and trying to fix it.

I called Michael, at work, and had him talk to Rachel to find out what this science project entailed, then translate it to me. In the meantime I found an Ovaltine jar that would wash out easily and cleaned it up. Rachel called our neighbors and went over to borrow rubber bands. I found a long popsicle stick from my food crafting stuff for the dowel, Rachel grabbed a stick from the yard, just in case.

Michael explained to me how to use his drill and put in the drill bit. I took 5 minutes searching in his tool box, then I glanced over and saw a brand new pack of bits. I pulled out the one that seemed the right size (very scientific) and tightened it into the slot. I put a hole in the plastic jar's bottom and metal lid. I trimmed the popsicle stick/dowel and could only find my double stick tape, at first. Then, fed the rubber band through the bottom and stuck the dowel in to keep it from sliding completely through. Then, grabbed a pencil and fed the rubber band through the lid. I rummaged in the garage and came up with a roll of black electrical tape. Desperate times call for desperate measures. I covered over the double stick with electrical tape to keep the dowel on the bottom from moving.

Test time...I wound the pencil several rotations then layed the jar on it's side and the thing rolled. I was told that this was the goal. Hurrah! I had 2 minutes to spare, so I took 2 photos and grabbed a paint pen to put Rachel's name on the jar.

Rachel and Noah made it to the bus on time. They were also in a good mood.

Michael was telling one of the guys he works with, Terence, about the morning science project. Terence suggested that this escapade would be a great format for a reality t.v. show where you would have 30 minutes notice to create a complete science project. High cinema, I tell you!

.......At the same time this is going on Noah still needs to eat breakfast. I poured him some calcium enriched orange juice and asked Rachel to make him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. She slathered on peanut butter and jelly. Noah likes thinly applied pb and j. I grabbed 2 fresh slices of bread and remade the sandwich, while getting instructions from Michael. I cut it into 4 triangles, per Noah's wit he said..."I don't think this is our bread". Put through the Noah translator= "I don't care how much food I waste, or that you have gone to the effort to make me something so I'm not hungry at school. Don't you realize I only eat chicken with ketchup and this whole breakfast idea is some crazy excuse to not allow me what I want. I will just be drinking this orange juice.

::::::::::::::::Ballet Recital Layouts::::::::

Here is a quickpage and one of mine with Eve:


Lorie Davison's "Beep Beep Bugs" kit at Scrapbookgraphics

Darcy Baldwin's font: DJB SISSY at


The last couple of days I have been a combination nature walk and a listening walk. As far as, the nature aspect I came across a, dinner-plate, sized box turtle heading for the parking lot. The turtle's large size indicated that he had been around awhile and might be smart enough to hold his own in suburban traffic, but I saw a turtle a couple of weeks ago that didn't survive. So, I went over to move him behind the fenced area of the park by the lake. The box turtle, quickly, tucked his bits into the shell and let out a flood of urine. I didn't mean to scare the pee out of him, but I did. I let him finish, then grabbed the sides of his shell and asked a passing walker where he thought the best place would be to put this turtle. He told me about a hole in the base of the fence a few feet away. As I was walking other for my turtle catch and release a lady with her little girl in a stroller called to me, moving quickly. She asked me to show her little girl the turtle, which I happily obliged. I tilted him all around so she could peek into his hiding face, then she pet his shell a couple of times. When all was done I found the fence opening at the bottom and laid the turtle on his tummy and let gravity pull him down the embankment. He came to rest at the roots of a tree next to the lake.

When I was walking, yesterday, I saw the box turtle staring at a little dog on the other side of the fence. He looked like he was casing the fence for his next great escape.

As far as, the listening walk I have been interspersing podcasts with music, but mostly listening to podcasts. This week, I have listened to Astronomy Cast and they were talking about asteroids and meteorites. I have also been listening to the series "Electrons to Enlightenment: A Five Part Series on Science and Religion". It has been interesting to hear how various people view science and religion, and whether they choose to reconcile the two, or maintain them in completely separate spheres. The show has segues with "people on the street" styled comments that give a range of responses. I tend to bristle at dogmatic people from any topic. I don't, discount their veracity necessarily, but I suppose the Southern approach works better on me.

:::::::::::::::::::::Blast From The Past:::::::

As I was talking to Michael, after Rachel and Noah left, I remembered a funny incident at a Church dance when I was about 14 or 15. I had a long skirt with about a 4 inch slit in the back and a matching jacket with shoulder pads (had to have the shoulder pads!). I went to step around someone, or over someone doing a dance move (kinda fuzzy memory here) and my skirt ripped up the seam to my behind. I grabbed the split bits and backed out of the gymnasium where we were dancing. My friend ran blocker for me. When we stepped into the foyer there was a lady working on a sewing project. I smiled at her and asked if she might be able to help me. She kindly agreed. I stood in front of her, while she mended my skirt and my friend ran blocker. In a few minutes I was back in the game. I didn't do any wild dance moves, but was able to have a good time. I don't even remember who she was, but it was a nice memory out of an embarrassing incident.

:::::::::::::::::::::Preschool Graduation Ceremony:::

They are doing a little ceremony for the preschoolers in the sanctuary, today. I have baked cupcakes and I just need to frost them. My mom is coming, too. My mom won't have the chance to read this blog before the ceremony, so I can say she is supposed to be getting some special recognition from Eve's class for coming to play for them this year. Such a cool granny! Yeah, for paid vacation days and appreciative grand kids.

Take care...and best of luck on any science projects your kids might have forgotten to inform you! :)


michellewaite1 said...

Don't you just hate those morning surprises. She seemed happy with the results.

Anonymous said...

wtg supermom! i really enjoyed reading your post :)

Chocolate Cat said...

I am SO impressed with your science project management!! I would like to think I would of handled the situation so well but honestly don't think I would of....

Carol said...

Holy cow, you deserve a medal. I would have freaked with the science experiment gathering with a clock the size of Big Ben ticking in my head, hahahahaa. You obviously work best under pressure!!

Those layouts with Eve are so precious.