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Tuesday, May 13, 2008


:::::::::::::Eve's Ballet Recital:::::::::::

Everything went well for Miss Eve, the ballerina. Granny Sue, Grampa Jim, and Granny Alice were able to attend the performance with us. I was most concerned with getting Eve's hair in the classic ballerina slicked back bun. I was trying to remember what Melissa, Michael's sister, told me a few years ago for Rachel's recital. Melissa will have to critique my work, but I think it turned out okay. The only thing that bugged Eve was the costume. The sequined trim gave her the itchies. Only one little girl collapsed in tears and one got teary, but Ms. Brooke encouraged her to finish. I was so proud that Eve payed attention to the teacher and finished up with a huge grin. Here are some photos:

Eve and Granny Alice:

Rachel gives Granny Alice a big hug:

Eve doing the bunny ears behind Michael:

Eve, happily, telling Michael she did bunny ears:

Eve and Ms. Brooke:

Eve and Michael:

Eve and Granny Sue:

After the performance, Granny Alice went and cut Denny's hair and Grampa Jim's, while Michael, Aaron and I picked up dinner from Zaxby's and Chick-Fil-A. Granny Sue entertained everybody else. After a late dinner, Granny Alice gave us money to take Eve to Bruster's for ice cream. She had her, current, favorite chocolate. Rachel ordered cotton candy explosion, I got turtle, Michael ordered chocolate raspberry truffle, Aaron a brownie sundae, and Noah rounded things out with a dirt sundae. After the kids brushed their teeth we were able to get in one chapter of our reading book, then lights out at 10:30pm.

Tomorrow Eve has her preschool graduation and my mom took the day off to attend. Eve's teacher, Ms. Crystal, loves my mom and to have her come on the last day. I feel so blessed from the people that I have been acquainted with through all of the kids having attended at this same preschool.

:::::::::::::::::::::Iron Man:::::::::

I forgot to review the movie "Iron Man" that we saw last Saturday. Michael, Aaron, Rachel and I saw the movie in the theatre and had a great time. Robert Downey, Jr. did a fantastic job showing the evolution of Tony Stark from a self-centered, playboy, genius to a thoughtful, think of others, genius. Paul Bettany was a great character voice for "Jarvis" the interactive computer used by Stark. The interplay with the robotic devices allows for great comic dialogue and one-liners. The kids and I really liked the line, "If you try to put me out again, when I'm not on fire, I'll donate you to a community college." Jeff Bridges, who is a man with a great head of hair, is completely shorn for this film. Bridges puts on a wonderful performance, too! All the characters worked well together and stayed true to my memory of the Iron Man cartoons. Also, word of advice, if you go to the theatre for the movie, don't leave until after the credits are finished. :)

Take care! :)


Michael Taylor said...

'twas a fun day.
and the movie on Saturday was really good.

Suzanne said...

It looks like everyone had a great time. Eve's hair looks beautiful. I just know that she must have been adorable on that stage!!

Carol said...

The hair is perfect and oh my! Eve looks just gorgeous, like a ballerina princess, complete with toothless grin which is even more perfect!