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Monday, May 05, 2008

"So much time and so little to do. Wait a minute. Strike that. Reverse it."

A weekend packed with activites was had by all!

1. Michael taught the Wilderness Survival Merit Badge with Aaron in attendance.
(This badge has an overnight requirement, so the guys built lean-tos from bamboo and a tarp, then slept in them.)

2. Victoria and Rachel attended In-Gathering for Girl Scouts from Friday to Sunday morning.

3. Noah and Rachel hung out with Granny and Grandpa on Friday night and Saturday. They attended a birthday party for a friend of ours, then Granny Sue took them to see the new flick, "Iron Man".

4. Sunday, I realized Noah had a project on Australia due TODAY. So at 7pm. Michael and I asked Noah what he wanted to talk about in his project. He loves kangaroos, so he did his project on the Red Kangaroo. He used a drawing Michael had made a few months ago as the back drop, then Michael gave him the pastels and Noah made two kangaroo puppets and the shrubbery and rocks. Then, Noah typed up his report on Michael's laptop, while I printed out some Red Kangaroo photos from the internet on one sheet of paper. Those kangaroos were pasted into the scenery. Noah then grabbed the scissors and cut off the paper excess and pasted his report to the shoe box lid. He plans to ask for a volunteer to help be his other kangaroo puppet as he gives his report. He was so excited with the outcome that he said, "Mom, you want to see me practice!" I love that enthusiasm. Michael was game to be the first volunteer and they hammed it up for the camera:

Untitled from Victoria Taylor on Vimeo.

::::::::::::::::::::::::Karen Lewis/Darcy Baldwin C.T.::::

My dd, Eve, playing with her Granny's hair pieces.


Fairtale Dreams by Karen Lewis

Font: DJB SISSY by Darcy Baldwin

also DJB Doodl E Doo by Darcy Baldwin at The Digichick

::::::::::::::::More Stuff Later:::::

I'll have Girl Scout photos, tomorrow, that will include "Carl" the frog that Rachel rescued from the pool. I will also provide details from the fantastic skit the girls and I pulled together with 1 hours notice. These are such drama queens and they put it to good use.

::::::::::::::::Eve is Sick:::::::::

Eve complained of a sore throat last night while creating puppets alongside her brother. Michael and I checked her throat and her tonsils are swollen. She refused a lozenge and liquid medicine. Around 3 she woke me up with a bad coughing fit. I laid down with her for a bit, then went down and located medicine that fit her symptoms. I took her in to our room to administer the liquid, so she wouldn't wake her siblings. Then daddy gave her a big hug for being brave and I took her back to bed and slept with her until Michael left for work.

She will skip preschool today, but go to her ballet lesson at lunch time. She has her recital next week and she is a bit nervous and a lot excited.

Take care!


Julie P. aka babyofmine said...

exciting weekend! :)
Poor Eve. I hope she's feeling better soon.
I need your email address! I realized that I don't have it, just the blog. LOL
pamperedpeterson AT yahoo dot com

Chocolate Cat said...

What a great project of Noah's. Hope Eve is feeling better soon.

Janna said...

cute video!
I hope Eve gets feeling better.

Carol said...

Firstly your weekend is exhausting just reading about it.

But NOAH!!!!!!! I wish I'd known, I've got a great pic of a couple of kangaroos which you would love!!! Even though it's too late, and they're probably greys I guess, not reds, but I'll email your mum the pic now so you can at least see.

{{{hugs to Eve}}}