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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mighty Casey Has Struck Out...

My darling Rachel had no joy in Mudville (aka Science Olympiad). She came home very sad because she had lost in all three of the categories she had entered. She was the most upset because she was unable to win any of the prizes, which she hoped to use for a birthday gift for Noah, next week. She wanted to get the gift through her own efforts. Last week she lost her coin purse that contained all of her money, so she so this as her last chance for a gift. I told her that I was proud of her for trying and that I could take her to the store to find Noah something and she could give it with her name.

She was happy about her art class where they studied Michaelangelo's "David". Here is Rachel's version:

:::::::::::::::::I Love You Bunches::::::

Dawn Inskip: Love You Loads and Typecast Alpha

also at Treasures to Scrap and
Catrine: Explore Solids

Darcy Baldwin: DJB My Dear Marsha, DJB MISH

extra font: CK Cursive

:::::::::::::::::Playful Monster::::::

My youngest DS was sneaking up on my oldest DS.

Karen Lewis: Monster Mess Page Kit by Karen

Monster Mess Alpha:

Darcy Baldwin: Blister Pack Date Tag

Font: DJB SISSY by Darcy Baldwin

::::::::::::::::Yard Work ::::::::

I worked in the yard a lot, yesterday. Eve "helped" me clip weeds and avoid poison ivy. I have located several no places with poison ivy has cropped up, so I dread my next round of Caladryl, but the rains came and put off my need to self-medicate for a few more days.

Take care! :)

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