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Saturday, July 12, 2008

By The Pricking of My Thumb...Saturday This Way Comes!

I went walking twice Yesterday. I got a chance to walk around the block with my mom and give a shout out to our good friends, Suzanne, Jason, and Samuel. Another friend, Stephanie was at Suzanne's so a wave to her, too. It was nice to talk with my mom. I went in to so goodbye to the boys. They were not in the best of mood, but my mom said she wanted them to stay and they wanted to stay. (Pray for my mom! Yeah...for my great escape!)

I went for my 5 mile walk at the park. I listened to Astronomy Cast's show on Saturn's Moons that Michael reloaded for me and Wait Wait's show from 7/06. The heavy rains brought about a nice new flurry of insect activity. So, instead of me collecting bugs they collected me. I swatted, flicked, blew, smacked and twitched through the park. The best part is when they get trapped in the sweat on your neck. Woo hoo!

Michael went and practiced guitar with our friend Eric. He practiced "Collide" by Howie Day and "Rosemary and Thyme" by Simon and Garfunkel. He is really enjoying learning a bunch of different songs and chords.


I saw the flair buttons on Facebook and thought several were a hoot. Here are a few that seem to work for my kids. I've got to do a page for me, too.

Credits: Dear Diary by Erica Hite, Buttons from Facebook, doodles by Jenna Desai and Jason Gaylor, Robots by Karen Lewis, Tape by Kate Hadfield. Fonts: DJB RACHELZ, DJB ALL GIRL, DJB SEBASTIAN, DJB KYLE Second Grade by Darcy Baldwin at

:::::::::Pictures from Noah's Baptism Album:::

Credits: Sunny Day by Edeline Marta, Stamp frame by Meredith Fenwick, Food Doodles by Kate Hadfield and Jacque Larsen.

Edeline Marta's Sunny DayCinnamon Design's Evitangel freebie kitMossa's orange dotsWeeds and Wildflowers doodle frame freebie, Word Art and kite.Font: DJB NICOLE by Darcy Baldwin @

:::::::::::::Book Review:::::::::

I just finished reading The Girl Who Owned A City by O.T. Nelson with the kids for our family reading book. The older three were very thoughtful to the concepts in the book that dealt with survival of children were a plague has wiped out all humans older than 13. The strong female character is one I always appreciate in any genre. The message of the book boils down to use your mind. Don't relie on others for your survival. You can use your mind to plan and then put those plans into action. Fear is what causes people to lose confidence in their abilities, then they become bullies who steal from those who were smart enough to think ahead and then work for what they have. Lisa, the main character, never wants to be a hero, instead she wants to encourage others to think and put their own plans into action.

While I was reading one evening Noah built a fortress from blankets, clothes and pillows. Aaron promptly tore it down. This moment of angst demonstrated the amount of chaos my kids would create if left to their own devices. Interesting evening!

I found a book and its cd counterpart at the library that I thought Noah might like called:
The Gravity Keeper. We listened to the first cd on the way to drop Rachel and Eve off at my stepmother's house. The main character is 11 year-old Simon Bloom. His favorite book is Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy. I liked the character from that moment. Nicholas Hormann does the narration for Listening Library and he is FABULOUS! I look forward to reading the book outloud to the kids when we are finished with our current book that we are enjoying. From the positive start on this first cd I'm predicting a great review.

:::::::::::::::::::Current Family Reading Book:::::::::

We started Tales From The Hood by Michael Buckley. It is the latest in the Sisters Grimm series that we all love. The first chapter had all of us laughing! There was potty humor...quite was about the toilet. Hilarious stuff! We aren't high brow here...No...NO...NO!

I hope y'all have a fantastic weekend...squabble free...! :)


Becki said...

wow, such a fun read, great layouts, book recos, thanks so much

Sue H. said...

I loved a chance to walk with my sweet daughter. I wish we could walk every evening. The insects do love us. I think I needs t-shirt that reads "I survived a day with Noah and Aaron" It was an adventure but it ended on positive note. I really loved being with the boys (but I did miss the girls).

Jason said...

Thanks for the credits on Designfruit. Great designs.