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Monday, July 21, 2008

YEP! It's Tuesday, Again.

::::::::::::::::::::A Fun Noah Layout:::::::::::

Here are just a few things that make my son, Noah, go, "ARGH!"
1. Being asked the same question repeatedly.
2. Not being able to find any socks.
3. Mom telling me to go to timeout.
4. My brother won't let me use his Legos.
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Additional Info
Credits: Lil Mister Pirate by Karen Lewis, Pixel Mischief by Tia Bennett
Program Used: photoshop 6.0
Fonts: DJB Mess in My Head, DJB Sissy by Darcy Baldwin @ Sweet Shoppe Designs, also Piracy
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:::::::::::::My Mom Sent Me This::::::::
and I wanted to pass it on.
One of Life's Lessons; it's not what you's how you say it.

This is a brilliant, beautiful video. (Count your blessings!)
For those who do not read Spanish, the sign reads:

"Have compassion. I am blind."

Click here: The Story


:::::::::::::::Rock Climbing:::::::::::::

Michael blogged about taking Aaron and a few of the scouts rock climbing. They did a great job and all of them made it to the top of each route.


in the dictionary you might not see this definition for the word: Disarray, but it is the state of Rachel and Eve's room. I have it torn up, so that I can organize it and get ready for school to start. I have been cleaning, purging and creating donation bags. I'm so happy that I haven't found any old candy. I did find a library book that is due today that had fallen behind Rachel's bed. We told Rachel that reading will corrupt her mind, so she smiles and piles books on her bed to read, as many as possible.

Wishing You a happy day!


PsiPsi said...

the "aaaaaarhg" layout st a phantastic idea!!!! I love this and I should do one for my kids to lol

Kristin said...

Great layout! And that film is really special!

Julie P. (babyofmine) said...

hehe, love the new layout. :)
Rachel is a girl after my own heart. <3

oh, that video was great. brought me to tears. :')

Donna B. Miller said...

What a wonderful film, Victoria. When it was over, I didn't know whether to cry or laugh. Love your layout. The headline is just great.

Sue H. said...

That was a touching film. I though you would like it daughter dear. Aaarg that Pirate Noah is hearty lad. Rachel has inherited the reading and writing genes from both sides of the family! She bares up under it well.

JP2E said...

Remind Rachel of what reading has done to your mother and me;And of course her own mother.
A waist is a terrible thing to mind...