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Monday, February 18, 2008

Help A Brother Out...

Text: Aaron has two things he really loves, one is having his back scratched and the second is to have his head scratched. Mom is usually called on for this primal bonding task, but on this day Eve was happy to help a brother out.

Darcy Baldwin: DJB MANDY at The Digichick
Michelle Coleman: Wild Sorbet

::::::::::::::::::::::::From My SIL's Album::::::

one of my cute nephews, Alfredo:

Darcy Baldwin: Doodl E Doo at The Digichick
Background paper from Scrap Girls freebie
Kate Hadfield: Doodle Tape, Back to School Collab kit, Word Doodles
Tia Bennett: Joined at The Hip
Ida: Crayon Doodles

::::::::::::::::::::Adventures in Driving:::::

All is well, but ever eventful. Yesterday we went to Michael's sister's house for Family Home Evening. Before we left, his other sister called and asked for a ride. We said certaintly and instead of using Michael's truck we used my minivan due to needing the seventh seat belt. Not long into the hour journey I hear and feel a loud thumping under the hood. The man driving next to me had this surprised look on his face as he passed. I pulled over to a wedge of asphalt between the on ramp and the highway for Michael to take a peek. He said it was my serpentine belt, again. The belt had feathered and was coming apart. He told me to drive it off the highway no matter what I heard under the car. So, I started her back up and kept driving (thump, thwack, thump) until the belt tore free from it's shredded brother. I pulled into a motel parking lot for Michael's next inspection. He decided that the remain portion of belt would serve just fine. We got to our destination spot on time.

After having some yummy barbeque, vegetables and funeral potatoes the family sang Happy Birthday to Michael and Christopher. We then, ate some brownies and cup cakes. Our trip home was made exciting due to sheeting rain and standing water. We say one truck that was totaled due to hitting a tree. We made it home and switched vehicles for the hour ride to my stepmother's house for the kids to spend the night and day with her and my niece, Haley. Then, back in the car for an hour home. Ah, to sleep, perchance to dream!

Have a great day!


Lisa Joy said...

Great layouts!
I hate car troubles.

Tammy said...

OH my goodness. That was an interesting ride for dinner. Love the layouts.

Scrap Evangel said...

Love the 1st lo. Esp the bg paper and the cool frame!

Dawn said...

Love those layouts -- and that quote in the first one has always been one of my favorites!

Anonymous said...

I love your layouts, especially the monkey preening between sis and bro! How cute!

Sounds like a nice weekend, overall! Hope the truck gets fixed!

Eve said...

Gorgeous LO's!! That sounds like a scary car ride though!

Barb said...

Layouts good, car trouble...not so much :-(

Carol said...

Oh dear, I hate car troubles, but at least you weren't on your own. How horrible though, hope it's all aok soonest. As for the Aaron/Eve layout ... TERRIFIC !!! Love the photographs hanging in and out of the frames. Brilliant stuff.