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Monday, February 04, 2008

Mr. NOah-IT-ALL!

I got this layout idea from my stepdad, Jim's blog entry. He is so right about No-e-monster, as we call him.

Text: Noah is a funny guy, but has an annoying habit of saying "I know" to pretty much everything you tell him. He also loves to explain his theories of the universe and the aliens on his favorite cartoon, Ben 10. When you ask him what he learned at school he replies, "Nothing, I already knew it". What a HUMBLE dude!


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Luisa Leandro: Luisa's Debut at Sophia Sarducci
Karen Lewis: Robot stickers
Christina Renee: Book Plate alpha
Kate Hadfield: Black Doodle Alpha

::::::::::::::::::::Book Review:::::::::

Well, y'all, I'm sad to say reading this book drove me a bit bonkers. (Michael would interject, at this point, that the drive is very short)! Paula's story telling style is similar to the way I think and talk, which is a confusing bit of past, present and future within the same paragraph. When I read I like a certain amount of chronological flow and you can throw in flashback, or foreshadowing, but this book was too disjointed for me. I did enjoy her recipes at the end of the chapters and learning why they held such importance to her and and her family. I also thought her business advice at the end was top notch. Overall, I'll stick to being a t.v. fan of Paula and read her cookbooks, but I'm glad this was a library book. I give this 3 out of 10 buttermilk biscuits.

:::::::::::::::::::Next Reading Book:::::::::::

I really like Shannon Hale's style and I'm only two chapters into the book and I'm enjoying the main character, Jane. The prologue was great, alone, so I'm hoping for a great read.

:::::::::::::::::::2nd page to an earlier layout:::::::

::::::::::::::::::::Class Prep::::::::

I need to back some cup cakes, make more icing, cut up wax squares for rose practice and then I'll be ready for tomorrow!

Oh, and I'm going to finish Austenland



Tammy said...

Love your post and I just love Paula. Being from the south, y'all just have to love her!!! She has a wonderful story to tell, but I haven't read that book. I will do like you, check it out. I haven't seen any new shows from her yet this year. She does crack me up. I will have to come here more often for your book reviews. I need a new book to read.

Anonymous said...

Love your post, thanks for the book reviews! LOL! I'd wondered that about Paula's book. I just love her, but I did think that maybe her writing style would be.. better communicated speaking. I'm gonna have to check out austenland, tho!

Josoliviamaid said...

I LOVE that whimsical page of Noah! Great job! Really enjoyed your book reviews.

Lilja said...

I've been reading so many scrapbooking blogs that it is refreshing to stumble upon a blog with book reviews! I haven't heard of the book, maybe I'll check it out! BTW, I love your layout on the top - so cool!

Amanda said...

I loved Austenland! Makes me wish there was a real place like that where I could drag my hubby and fall in love with him all over again. I read all of Shannon Hale's other books too and have enjoyed them all.

Carol said...

First of all, love the layout. Love the heading. Love the pics. As for your book reading, and considering I'm still reading the same book I started at the beginning of last year (yes I know, I'm a slow reader!!!) I'm very impressed at how quickly you read it.

Mmmmmm cup cakes. Let's guess, I wonder if Miss Eve will be there to lick the bowl??? That was always my favourite part when mum baked.

klonghall said...

I did enjoy Paula's book. It did read just like she talks. I can see where that could be distracting. I found it almost eerie that Paula and I share the same birthday (Jan. 19) and our mothers, who both died from cancer, shared the same birthday, too. (Oct. 9) Weird?