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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Losing My Mind, Among Other Things.

:::::::::::::I Was Invited::::::::::

to be a guest creative team member for March/April for Dawn Inskip. She has a fun doodle style and I look forward to using the elements for my family photos.

:::::::::::::Vacation Layout::::::::

I really like the photo Michael took at Monticello, so I scrapped it. What a surprise.

::::::::::::::::::::Cool Font:::
Great FREE font of Ali Edward's handwriting, which is really cool.


Rachel informed me, in the pouring rain as the bus pulled up, that she had forgotten a book that she needed first thing in the morning. So, I went back home and grabbed the book and met the bus at the final bus stop and handed the book to Ms. Becky, the driver. Rachel informed me when she got home from school that she forgot 2 homework pages. ARGH!

Later, Gators!


Granny Sue said...

Rachel needs a secretary. When she lost that tooth some of her memory cells leaked out. I love that girl. She is like her Granny. I can't remember anything.

Carol said...

Ooooh congrats for the guest CT spot, how lucky Dawn Inskip is to have you. Can you link her up as this might be really bad, but I've never heard of her. As for the flower photo, Michael has a great eye, love it.

Thanks for the font link, I'm a bit of a fontaholic and I have Life Artist and love her handwriting. Weeeeee.