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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Send In The Clowns

Text: This was my first attempt at creating a clown after my Wilton decorating class. The recipe had some changes and the consistency was too soft, but the end result was okay.

Credits: Lorie Davidson's : Sparky freebie
Kate Hadfield's: Doodle alpha
Darcy Baldwin's: DJB KIRA at The Digichick
Catrine: Pauline Alpha

::::::::::::::::::Family Reading Time:::::::

The boys were a bit annoyed with me for going from one princess book to another, but I believe the new book has earned their interest. Aaron was disappointed that I had to stop reading due to the lateness of the hour last night. The story is well crafted and the characters and imagery are superb.

::::::::::::::::Valentine's Day is Coming Soon:::::

Shabby Miss Jenn made some really cool quick pages for the Shutterfly blog. Here is a sample:

::::::::::::::::Personal Reading:::::::::

New book for me:
This is a book recommended by my friend, Kim, and she has excellent taste in books!

Smiles...I'm off to Girl Scouts with Rachel!


Carol said...

That's a cake? Oh my gosh, I wouldn't want to cut it. Victoria, it's terrific!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My teeth are almost aching in agony at the thought of how sweet that icing would be.

Eve has just the most beautiful face and look in her eyes in that page. Gorgeous.

Carol said...

PS : For you!
(disregard the heading, LOL)

Mom said...

Victoria, that is a fabulous cake! You must be having such a good time in the Cake Art class. Whoo Hoo.
More good book reviews, I wish I could be there when you read to the "practically perfect" children. Eve does have a sweet and lovely face and those eyes!!!

klonghall said...

Did you finish "A Crooked Kind of Perfect", yet? I adored that little book. Oh, and I love "Goose Girl", too. I'm reading "Rules" with my 5th grade book club. Have you read that one? It's a keeper. It could be in the same literature unit as "Al Capone Does My Shirts."