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Friday, April 11, 2008

Atlanta Botanical Gardens

::::::::::::::::Yellow River Game Ranch::::::::::
Here are my first 2 layouts from that day:

Dawn Inskip: Pet Bundle, Typecast Alpha, Fresh kit, Embossed Letters kit 2, Land of Make Believe kit,

Kate Hadfield: Doodle Alpha and add-on,
Darcy Baldwin: DJB NICOLE at The Digichick

:::::::::::::::::::::Atlanta Botanical Gardens:::::::::

Plan A, yesterday, was to take the kids to the zoo. This plan had also been formulated by hundreds of other parents in the Atlanta area. The parking lots were full and the side streets were filling up. That morning I remembered the free passes for the Botanical Gardens that my mom had given me and popped them into my purse. Michael had Aaron run the walkie talkie over to me during a brief stop at the zoo. I was driving my mom's car with her riding shot gun. Noah and Eve rounded out our car's occupants. We, then, discussed impromptu, Plan B. The Botanical Gardens are on Piedmont Ave and we were on Boulevard, which isn't too far apart. We decided to take our lunch break at Zestos...a cool spot for malts, burgers, and fish sandwiches. We ordered and Noah was surprised to find his cheese burger had melted cheese on it. Rachel was able to explain that at school the cheese comes separately and is a solid slice...not melted, and you just plop it on the burger. We took that burger home for someone to eat later.

When we got to the Gardens the lot appeared to be full, as well. We drove up the hill as instructed, so we could turn around. Fortunately, at the top were a few vacated spaces, so we pulled in and parked. The weather was so beautiful it was nice to walk around and view the lovely plants. The kids had the most fun when a mother quail and her brood walked on the path in the Fuqua Center. They were absolutely adorable. The kids also loved the big bullfrogs in the pond in front of the center. Aaron was overly tired from a sleepover at a friend's house and found every retaining wall, or bench an opportunity to rest. Eve wanted to pick up the giant tadpoles and was sad that we wouldn't let her keep sticking her hand in the water. Here are a few photos:

Granny Sue with the kids:

We were able to see most of the exhibits, but a few were being refurbished. Rachel sprained the toes on her left foot the day before and she was having a harder time walking as the day progressed, so we decided to leave. We had fun talking to each other on the walkie talkies on the way home. Noah and Rachel kept asking each other questions from the dialogue on Monty Python's "The Holy Grail". Michael kept telling me I was leaving the button locked open on the walkie talkie, so my mom said I needed remedial training in operating the little thing. I just attributed it to my crazy thumb.



Tammy said...

Wonderful pictures and layouts. I just love going to gardens and seeing what everyone else can grow. I'm glad to see your children enjoying themselves as well.

JanMary said...

Great photos and layouts.

Have a good weekend.

Robin L said...

Great photos and lovely layouts! Sounds like a fun time you all had.

Dnadryad said...

Beautiful layouts...
Beautiful pictures...
And, well, seems that you had a beautiful time together, too !

Anonymous said...

awesome layout!!

DawnMarch said...

Cool photos! My kids love walkie-talkies too -- that's half the fun of going anywhere outside for them!

20Birds said...

the photos are begging to be scrapped! the walkie talkie discussion cracked me up... we are such a large group taking trips we are often in two cars and use the walkie talkies... i constantly frustrate my kids with how i use them...and the littlest one,,, shouts into the thing so loud we can hear her in next car without them

AfriDIgiDiva said...

Don't you just hate it when other parents steal your dayplanner, copy it and then do the EXACT same things you wanted to do??? It's so frustrating! Always have a plan B!!I used to keep mine on a leash. Now with cellphones, we just have a meet-up point at a certain time.

Theresa Hernandez said...

Oh my gosh, those layouts are TOO cute! Great photos; those flowers at the bottom are very cool and freaky looking!

Carol said...

Wow Victoria, you got some great photos, but my favourite of all is the frog one! Did anyone kiss it and maybe find a handsome prince??? LOL

My memories of the zoo as I was a child growing up was that every time we went it was a stinking hot day! ha. Looks like you had fabulous weather.