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Friday, April 25, 2008

Nuture Nature?

:::::::::::::::::::Atlanta Botanical Gardens Layout:::

Dawn Inskip: “A Secret Garden”, “Fresh”, "WEATHER STATION", "Land of Make Believe" , "Embossed Alpha set 2"

Also her Type Cast Alpha


Treasures to Scrap


Font: DJB Mandy by Darcy Baldwin at The Digichick

::::::::::::::::::::Small Accomplishment::::::::

I never thought much about the lable section on the posts. Then, I realized that they are pretty handy dandy. So...I have finished labeling all of my 548 posts to make them more accessible.

::::::::::::::::::::Stolen Recollections:::::::::

from my mom's blog: "From time to time, I ask one of the grandchildren, if they will take care of me when I get old and over the years I have had some interesting answers – everything from an exuberant, "Yes, of course, Granny" to a more thoughtful response from Noah recently. When I asked Noah about the care and feeding of Granny in the future – his response was "well, it all depends…. Will we be living at your house or at our house? I prefer your house because you have Cable." That perk is definitely a strong consideration for almost 8 years old. I shall have to keep that satellite dish no matter what!

Noah also has lots of opinions about his favorite food (at least at our home) GRITS. It has to be just right and served in the proper dish. It has to have just the right amount of cheese – not too much – not too little. He has incredibly sensitive taste buds, too. If he is deeply engrossed in the latest episode of BEN TEN and the ALEIN FORCE, I note fewer comments and larger consumption. Noah gives Victoria a bit of a hard time because he tells her that she doesn’t make Grits like Granny Sue and he refuses to eat her grits. Well, last week, he was not exactly happy with my offering and he commented, "Your grits taste just like my mother’s." That was not meant as a compliment. Maybe Noah will grow up to be a Food Critic."

Thanks for posting this, mom! :)


The temperature was nigh unto perfect, today! I found a bird egg to show eve that had fallen from some unseen nest. She dropped it and broke it within 5 minutes. The bluebirds are one of my favorite birds to spy in the park. Least favorite... would be dog poo.

::::::::::::::::::::::Yard Work:::::

It is time for the mowing of the grass, or rather...I better get it done because all of the neighbors have theirs looking trim and tidy.

Smiles and take care!


Mom said...

Rachel has always loved insects, animals and all of God's creatures. Inch worms are so tiny and they tickle especially the one that fell in my hair at the botanicle gardens.

DawnMarch said...

Your layout is the cutest! Love the photos! My son has super-sensitive taste buds too and is SO aggravating to try to feed!

Totally Rawkin Designs said...

Love the cable comment! In fact when I laughed out loud, I had to read it to my kids (6 of the 9) and they all laughed as well!

Mel said...

Wonderful spring page!! Love the colors!
Your blog design looks also beautiful!!
Wish you a wonderful weekend!!