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Friday, April 18, 2008

Rain or Shine

I must give props where props are due. My husband is often asked to critique my layouts, which is brave, indeed. I know I ask, but that can be a slippery slope for a husband caught unawares. Luckily, Michael set ground rules for offering his, constructive, critism. Yesterday, I asked him a few times what he thought. His observations were very helpful. He also helped me use the smudge tool to get the reflections in the water the way I wanted. Just add this to the list of reasons he is "The Best Wife I Ever Had"!

My daughter, Rachel, playing in the huge puddles after a brief rainstorm at Niagara Falls.

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::::::::::::::::::Book Club:::::::::::

I was invited by my friend, Kim, to join the book club with some ladies in our ward. We discussed the book Austenland by Shannon Hale. This was my first meeting and I was told this was considered very light reading from some of their past works. I, thoroughly, enjoyed this book and we had a lively discussion with prompts prepared, by Kim, on slips of paper. There were 12 of us and everyone got a chance to comment. There was a range of liked a lot to didn't like and it was fun to hear everyones' take on the book. At one point I got a moment to defend Mr. Darcy's character. That was you think Jane Austen we be smiling? They are a great bunch and I look forward to our next book and meeting!

:::::::::::::::::Introduction to Lawn Mowing:::::::

Grandpa Jim picked Aaron up, yesterday, to take him to mow the lawn of one of our friends. She plans to pay Aaron sometimes and other times he will use the lawn mowing as service hours for Scouts. Grandpa Jim showed him how the mower worked and how to be safe, then how to make even rows. Michael showed up to pick Aaron up and gave him pointers, as needed. Aaron did a great job from Grandpa's report. Unfortunately, the cold he has is kicking his, proverbial, rear end and he felt yucky when he got home and he skipped bowling league today. He asked to get a reading assignment so he could lay down. He is upstairs reading a kid's version of Julius Ceasar. Since we have watched the BBC version he should follow the play without a problem. I hope he gets well soon. He has to take the CRCT, starting Monday.

:::::::::::::::::Looking Forward To::::::

"Alice in Wonderland" this weekend put on by the local high school. Rachel and I are going with her Girl Scout troop. Fun girls, so I'm looking forward to the performance.

Take care!


klonghall said...

I'm so glad you joined us this morning in book club. It was such a lively discussion. You defended Mr. Darcy perfectly! I loved it! I felt giddy as I drove home. I've still been thinking about some of the questions. I might do a post about some of my thoughts. Thanks again for coming. I love having new voices and ideas in the group.

We're a very eclectic group, which is what makes it interesting for me.

Heather Watson Digital Elements said...

I love your LO. Very cute!

movefearlessly said...

very cute layout - glad you're enjoying your book club.

Carol said...

Oooh Michael is indeed a brave man. I often ask Mike to check my pages out and sometimes he'll say "don't know why you want some crits, because you don't listen to them anyway" Ha! But sometimes you've just got to have another pair of eyes don't you?

Love this, Rachel looks like she's thoroughl enjoying herself, and quite frankly I love the little laughing duck!!

Mom said...

I love the photo of Rachel - lovely layout. Book clubs are indeed delightful.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Aaron did a FANTASTIC JOB on our yard. I meant to give the check to your MOM on Saturday night. We partied too hard at the Holy Cross. Anyway, you know where to find me and I can not wait to give AARON his much deserved money. It was hard to believe when I saw the finished product that this was his first lawn. He is awesome!