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Friday, April 04, 2008

Chasing Squirrels

That is what Michael calls it when your just falling to sleep and you shudder involuntarily. I do this frequently. He has just started asking me, "So, did you catch him this time?" To wit, I reply, "No, missed again!"

:::::::::Typing test:::::

I saw this on another blog and it was a bit of fun. This is what I got:

57 words


Aaron took the test twice to see if he could improve on his score. The first time he scored "26" words a minute and the second time "33". He and I thought that was a pretty cool score.

::::::::::Friday Recommendations::::::::

Asiago Cheese bread and a breath mint, for after. I got hooked on Asiago cheese bagels and bread when I worked at the credit union in downtown Atlanta. Our branch was located in a, now torn down, mall called Rio, not too far from the famous Fox Theatre. In our mall was the Atlanta Bread Company. My co-worker, Meghan, and I would swap days for running over to grab some warm bagels. Since I don't have a "job" any more I sometimes find my Asiago fix at the local Target, but I do miss my warm bagels. If you haven't tried Asiago cheese bread give it a taste.

Later, gators!


Mom said...

I love Asiago bread. We need to go get some this weekend.

Michael Taylor said...

A little history lesson:

We used to have a dog, Gracie. While she was asleep she'd growl and look like she was trying to run. We would joke about her dreaming about "chasing squirrels". So that's how we came up for this moniker for thees early nocturnal tremors.

Carol said...

Oooh fun, I was 93 words a minute with 2 wrong. And I have a crappy keyboard. Wheeeee!!!!

That bread looks absolutely sensational !!! (hmmmm wonder how it would go in the post, ROFL)