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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pleasant Surprise...

***Edited to add an amazing article about my great-uncle Dewey Posey at the end of this post.


I went to Eve's preschool, yesterday, for the final conference of the school year. Crystal, Eve's lead teacher, was very pleased with how Eve is doing and said she is ready for Kindergarten. She said she hoped Eve got an older teacher with a bit more structure, so Eve would be encouraged to work to her best abilities. The teacher felt that a new year teacher might tend to just let her be because, in class situations, Eve is quiet and rarely gets into trouble. She also is one of two children who let the teacher know what is going on, or assistant information officer. So, all in all, Eve is doing well. As we finished up the meeting she directed me over to a bouquet of flowers and handed me a thank you card. She said the flowers were for all of the help I gave the class this year. I was pleasantly surprised. I find it really enjoyable to do things with the kids. They are a fun bunch. I don't do car drop off line because I have fun walking Eve to class, see what she's doing, say high to the other children and talk with the teachers. Crystal, especially, is out-going and really funny. Kimmie is quiet and prefers to listen and interject occassionally. This preschool is one that all of my children have attended and we have been thoroughly delighted with the experience.

::::::::::::::::::::::::Cool Book::::::::::::

This book caught my eye with the engaging and adorable image of a leaping, wide-eyed sheep. The book is really fun to read, as well. Russell just can't get to sleep. We go along with Russell as he tries several different ideas on ways to achieve slumber. The kids thought Russell's pet frog was really cool. If you are familiar with Mercer Meyer's character of "Little Critter" and that character's spider and cricket companions illustrated on each's like that. This is a fun a quick read for any, or night!

::::::::::::::::::::::::Atlanta Botanical Garden Pages::::::

My mom went with us to the Botanical Gardens and the kids were, so happy she came along.

8x8 Bracket Brag Book Template Album by Darcy Baldwin at The Digichick Font: DJB ALL GIRL is included!
Additional font: DJB MY DEAR MARSHA by Darcy Baldwin at The Digichick

BYOC for April from The Lily Pad designers.

Birgit: Sprout alpha

Rachel pretending to be Peter Rabbit in Mr. McGregor's Garden.
8x8 Bracket Brag Book Template Album by Darcy Baldwin at The Digichick Font: DJB ALL GIRL is included!

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Birgit: Alpha from the Collaboration with Kate Hadfield and Catrine at Catscraps

Ida: water doodle

Weeds and Wildflowers: Cherish alpha

My mom with the kids who are content to be silly for every photo!


8x8 Bracket Brag Book Template Album by Darcy Baldwin at The Digichick Font: DJB ALL GIRL is included!

BYOC for April from The Lily Pad designers.

:::::::::::::::::The Weather:::::::::::::::

It looks like a beautiful day is shaping up outside. Unfortunately, for Rachel, the morning started with a sore throat and dry sinus passages. My guess is that she is suffering from the pollen explosion. After breakfast she felt a bit better. I hope she continues to improve because the math portion of the CRCT is being given at school today. She is intimidated by math test, but usually ends up doing fine. We all prayed she would remember the things she has learned and then we will hope for the best.

***Dewey Posey::::


Callaway's hook-up man

Angler shares his secrets with all

By Scott Bernarde
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Published on: 04/13/08

Pine Mountain —- Dewey Posey keeps no secrets about his favorite fishing hole of the past half-century.

He'll tell where to go, what to use and how to get a fish to bite. In fact, he'll even dig into his tan-and-white, three-trayed tackle box and give you the same lure he used yesterday to catch 'em.

No, really, he will. He has done that many times over while meeting and greeting out-of-towners who drop by to fish Mountain Creek Lake at Callaway Gardens.

Every Saturday during the spring Posey, 85, of Columbus, volunteers at the lake's boathouse to share his passion with park-goers wanting to rent a fishing boat. Guests try to tip him, but he gives the money back.

"I hate to see people come here on vacation and spend as much money as they do, and then not catch a fish. That breaks my heart," he said.

Posey, who may give a guest a handful of crappie jigs to use on the water, has had an open-tackle box policy. He remembers one time when a man and wife from Atlanta came to fish, but the wife hadn't ever caught one. They didn't have gear, so Posey gave them each a rod and all the tackle they needed. The wife caught more bream than her husband.

"He is a legend at Callaway Gardens, a legend on this lake," Callaway's fishing operations manager Carl Warmouth said. "I've heard people say if Dewey's not catching fish, they're just not going to be caught. He's caught so many fish here that he doesn't have to make anything up, and he loves to share.

"He has a genuine desire to help people catch fish."

The World War II vet who has been married for 66 years to his wife, Julia, has had a love affair with Mountain Creek Lake almost as long. It was after Posey's return from the war that a friend suggested that he try the Callaway lake, and he was hooked for good.

He has become a master of whatever fishing you want to do at Callaway's largest (125 acres) lake, from bass to bream and catfish. Anglers would be wise to ask Dewey first before hitting the lake. But that doesn't mean everyone listens.

Take a couple of brothers from Albany who often drive the 125 miles to catch Mountain Creek's plate-sized bream. Posey remembers overhearing the brothers as he was catching fish after fish. One kept saying, "Look, he caught another one" every time Posey reeled one in. Eventually, the brother said, "That old SOB caught another one."

Later, Posey saw the brothers at the boathouse and wryly asked them, "Would you fellas like to know what this old SOB was catching 'em on?" he remembers saying.

"They came back with a limit on bream. That tickled me. They didn't think about their voices carrying over water like that."

"That's a true story," Warmouth said. "I was here the day it happened."

Posey is the lake's volunteer coordinator who helps line up folks for projects such as the annual boathouse cleanup every March.

"I'm just crazy about this boat dock and the people who come to fish," Posey said. "I don't do it for the money because I like to see people happy when they go fishing. It's a happy thing to do."

p.s. Thank you for sending the link, mom and Aunt Loly! :)


Char @ DigiScrapChat said...

The layouts are fabulous!! And what a fun article about your Uncle. :-)

Bridget said...

Great layouts! I hope your daughter does well on her tests today. Those tests are so scary for students!

michellewaite1 said...

That looks like a great book. I think sheep are just too cute. Your layouts are beautiful.

Heather Watson Digital Elements said...

Looks like a great book. TFS! Love your LOs!

AfriDigiDiva said...

Your layouts are awesome!

movefearlessly said...

your layouts are just terrific! neat article about your great-uncle.

DawnMarch said...

Love your pages! how fun to see those Botanical Garden photos put to good use!

Granny Sue said...

Uncle Dewey is quite an interesting fellow. I only wish we got the chance to visit with him more often. He is a very funny fellow.