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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Saturday Happenings:

:::::::::::::A Nice Walk and Talk::::::

Michael and I took a 4 mile walk to the park, around, and home again. It was nice to talk and watch the bird fly around.

:::::::::::::Cuban Food::::::::::::::::
For lunch we took Aaron to our favorite Cuban restaurant called, "Little Cuba". Aaron and I had the Pan Con Bistek Pallomilla (steak sandwich) and I added the black beans and yellow rice. Michael ordered the vaca frita. Yummy stuff!

:::::::::::::More Lawn Mowing::::::::::

Aaron mowed Granny and Granpa's yard, today. He is keeping track of the finances to help earn his Personal Management Merit Badge for scouts.

:::::::::::::Alice In Wonderland:::::::

Noah and Eve decided they wanted to go to the play today, as well. Rachel's Girl Scout troop got front row seats, and one of the girls sat by Eve and was really sweet to her the entire night. Noah was squirmy, but liked the play. One of the girls from his class played a hedgehog for one of the scenes and he was so proud of her. Eve was excited to see her friend, Jayla, from preschool. They hugged before the play, at intermission and at the end of the performance. Cute stuff.

:::::::::::::::::::::Dawn Inskip C.T.::::::

I'm a Mercurial Girl:

Take care!


Carol said...

Four miles????? ~~quickly doing calcs in head to kms~~

TOO FAR FOR ME !!! te he

Mom said...

If I walked 4 miles you would have to resusitate me. I am panting just thinking about it.
I hope Aaron and Rachel do well on their respective tests.
What a treat to see Alice in Wonderland. We had a grand time at Beauty and the Beast, too.

Michael Taylor said...

4 miles is 6.37KM