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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Who Needs Low Flow When You Can Get...

,No FLOW?!

Family vacations often take us to interesting places and some a bit more mundane. The kids thought the "No Flow" toilet at the public gaol in Williamsburg, VA was pretty fascinating. Aaron did the classic "man pose" of reading while sitting. You would think Eve was doing an Olan Mills photo shoot. I think she was bit confused. So this is my, tongue-in-cheek, rendering of our silly, historical stop.:)

Credits: Background by Christina Renee,
Book and pressed flower from Needful Things by Sausan Designs, Vintage frames by Nancy Comelab and Christina Renee, Numbers by Vanilla Hush for CR, Sassy glitter by CR,
Overlay by Lorie Davison from her Brownie Collection, black brush frame from O.N. Designs for CR, Catrine's Laura alpha, Michelle Coleman's HandStamped Alpha, Star Bazaar by Linda Gill Bildal, Font: DJB LIZ by Darcy Baldwin at The Digichick

I saw a link to them at Heather Ann Melzer's site. They are a great video site with family-friendly rules for uploading and sharing. Here is one of Noah working on his Pinewood Derby popsicle car:

Untitled from Victoria Taylor on Vimeo.

::::::::::::::::::::::Up Early::::::::::::

this morning and already been to the vet for Jasper. Jasper is old in ferret years. We found him as a stray, so can't determine his actual age. He is, at least, 4 years old and is suffering from a common ferret problem. He has adrenal disease. He had a shot of Lupron to see if it might help. Aaron and Eve played with him until he went back for his shot between the shoulder blades. It was funny at check out because the thumbnail of Jasper on the vet records is a cute photo of Aaron and Jasper cheek to cheek.

::::::::::::::::::::::Art Show and Book Fair::::

It was the Book Fair Shake Down by my kids. They know I love books and I love them to read, so the begging commenced quite early. I bought several books and one that had to be put on order. I'll have to look up the title and list it here. It looked like a really cool book. Then, we went to the gymnasium and purchased Rachel and Noah's paintings with a portion of the proceeds to the art department. My kids love Mr. Mazzata, the art teacher, so it was a good investment on two levels. We listened to the violin class play a short recital, then home for homework, chicken soup (homemade by Michael) and baths.


Michael came home and made, aforementioned, chicken soup after giving a triple product of blood for The Red Cross. There are never many folks when he goes to donate. It is so wonderful that he makes it a matter of habit and unselfish love for his fellow man.

Later, gators! :)


Char @ DigiScrapChat said...

Love that layout! Looks like a fun day. :-)

Amy Eileen said...

Sounds like a busy day!! I just got a call last night about donating blood again. We usually have few people that donate around here as well. It sounds like your family is very caring, artistic and giving. :)

Rose Farver said...

Great layouts I really liked reading you and such a cute blog topper. I totally had to go get that shelf widget thing for my blog and am excited to hook it up!

AfriDigiDiva said...

Gorgeous layouts! You're very talented.

Carol said...

The vimeo is great and my first thought, and how silly is this, but how clever your kids are talking with an American accent. Doh! (hits myself in head with a wet noodle) !!

Chocolate Cat said...

My husband and I donate blood regularly, it's such an easy thing to do. I often wonder why more people don't do it. Sounds like your trip to the book fair and art show is like mine!! I'm a sucker for a new book.