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Friday, October 24, 2008

Announcer Girl:

Here is the photo of Rachel doing some of the morning announcements at her elementary school:

She has had a very good week at school. Today she found out she got a small speaking part for the 5th grade Christmas play. She will be Jangle (2)and her friend, Sabrina, is Jingle (2). There were several kids wanting speaking parts, so the music teacher shortened the parts. Rachel is so excited. Another note came home saying she was chosen to help the Kindergartners through second graders during Field Day because she was dependable, trustworthy, honest, and hardworking. Music to my ears, as a parent. I look forward to taking photos of the kids next week.

::::::::::::::Mystery Reader:::::::::::::::::

I got to be a mystery reader for Eve's Kindergarten class, today. The kids were so cute on their big, colorful rug with their faces turned up to see the pictures in the book. I took one of my favorite books, Stellaluna. Such a treat. I had my photo made with the kids.

::::::::::::::Other Stuff This Week::::::::::

On Wednesday I went to help with a service project led by the scouts in our troop at Church. I have a friend at Church who needed assistance with her dog run that had become extremely overgrown and she couldn't take care of due to poor health. I took photos and presented the plan to the scoutmaster and one of the young men spearheaded the rest. I brought loppers, a weed eater and leather gloves. Much of what was needed to be cleared was done. She was very appreciative and made the boys some scrumptious chocolate chip cookies and snickerdoodles. The boys kept thanking her for the great cookies.

:::::::::::::::Halloween Costumes::::::::::::

Michael worked through lunch and was able to come home early and start sewing the annual Halloween costumes. He made Eve a great hat so she could be a mushroom. She came up with that idea a couple of days ago and we all thought it was so cool.

He is working on Noah's Elf costume, right now. Rachel's Baked Potato costume has a foundation of brown sweats and I look forward to what Michael comes up with for the rest. Aaron decided to be a teenage grim reaper. He found glow in the dark skeleton gloves and black hoodie to go with a plastic sickle. He has a black shirt and pants to complete the outfit. Michael will paint his face for him.

I'll post photos of the completed costumes tomorrow.


Here are a couple of new layouts of older photos:

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Take care!

1 comment:

Carol said...

Rachel looks very comfortable with that microphone in hand, good luck for the school play, she'll be a great Jangle !!

I can't wait to see the costumes.