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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Sky Hike

Michael and I took our kids and some of their friends to Stone Mountain for a belated birthday. I don't have photos of the event because you aren't allowed to have loose objects on you and I was participating with the kids. Eve got really nervous and one of Rachel's friend's mom watched Evey. The play area looked super cool and challenging for those who weren't tall enough for the Sky Hike, or didn't like heights. Aaron's friends Ysabel, Molly and Kasey all got along, or know Rachel's friends Lydia, Sabrina and Julia. So the kids all got along. Noah was off like a shot once he got fitted for his harness. He skipped the first level and went up to the second level to wait. Michael finally found him after he quickly finished the first level. I was the caboose, so I could make sure the kids were okay. Rachel did all of the hard elements and I was really impressed with her tenacity. Aaron, Michael and I finished all the levels, too. Rachel asked me if I was scared and I said no because you were sufficiently harnessed and short roped from the top. The different ropes and were really cool sets though and kept it fun. We went ahead and purchased memberships for each of us so we can go back. Next time I will be taking photographs.
After the Sky Hike we went to the parking lot where they have adjacent picnic tables and we plied the kids with chicken tenders, watermelon, chips, brownies and cake. Then, we set off for the Laser Show. I stopped by the Dollar Store earlier in the day and grabbed some glow in the dark sticks and necklaces that were a big hit while the kids ran around on the large lawn in semi dark. We all enjoyed the show. Everyone got back home safely.

The kids are still trying to figure out what they want to dress up like for Halloween. I am partial to Eve going as a California Roll, but she isn't convinced.

......Eve is calling me to wash her hair so...I'll check in later!


Sue H. said...

It was great hearing all about your great birthday trip to Stone Mountain. I look forward to going with y'all one day. I can watch while you do the cool stuff. And, I can take photos.

Creative Junkie said...

OK - Stone Mountain looks freakishly cool. My youngest would probably love it, my eldest would probably faint.

I've gone rock climbing exactly once and that was for training to become a belayer (sp??) so I could help out with my daughter's birthday party years ago.

I think I still have a wedgie from that day.

Carol said...

That stone mountain looks like a lot of fun. As for the Halloween costumes, I can't wait to see pics of the kids, they looked adorable last year.

You've just made me think how sad it will be for my brother's new step-children from America, this will be their first Halloween without Halloween. Hmmmm. I need to make this up to them, lollies will always be good won't they?