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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Buying Halloween Candy Before the 31st Should be...

BANNED! I have no will power. My foot aches, but I'm going to need to walk a gazillion miles to burn off the Twix and Milky Ways that I have consumed.

:::::::::::::::::::Report Cards are in:::::::::

I promised Rachel a chipmunk Webkinz if she got straight A's on her report card. She was thrilled to come home and ask when we could get to the store to claim her furry, trophy. My favorite part of her report card was the comment section that stated, "Rachel is a good role model". Michael took her to the Thrashers hockey game thanks to free tickets from Reuben and Angela. I also took her to get her hair cut.
Noah's teacher must suffer from amnesia because his report card looked like he was doing better, then the work he brings home for me to sign. His comment section was not so glowing, "Needs to show good manners". Preaching to the choir...!!!
Eve's said she was doing okay in math, but needs help with identifying letters and their sounds.
Aaron's report card comes home this week. I think I'm off the hook for chipmunk shopping for him!

:::::::::::::::::::Dr. Who::::::::::::::::

The kids were watching Dr. Who with Christopher Eccleston when he was trying to stop the Daleks (for the umpteenth time) and he said the line, "If I activate this signal all living creatures will die!" To whit Eve exclaims, "Even ponies?!"


Rachel will be on tv in her school this week. She is one of the announcers. She is so excited. I'll see if I can get some pics.

Reading time! Take care! :)


Janna said...

I agree about the candy!!!

But the bite size milky ways are hard to stop eating~

Michael Taylor said...

Don't put all the blame on yourself. I ate more thatn my share of the chocolate too.

Sue H. said...

I have hidden the Halloween candy ..... unless the children found it while I was at Stone Mountain park this weekend. hmmmmm I guess I had better check that out. The report cards were good. We are so happy for the children. Noah and good manners what an interesting combination. I know he can do it but will he. Good manners includes not using all of Granny's tape.

Chocolate Cat said...

I even hide the chocolate sometimes in the hope I won't eat it before the 'occassion' I bought it for!!! only problem is I know exactly where it is!!
Congratulations to Rachel on a wonderful report card.

Carol said...

Oh well see Victoria, I was about to post okay, buy the candy and give it to Michael to hide on you, but I read up above there that he's no help!!! te he