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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Elvis Sighting

I know...I'll be a Baked Potato for Halloween!

I know...I'll be a mushroom for Halloween!

The Teen Grim Reaper.

And meet... BUDDY the ELF::::

Dad the Costume Designer:

Now for a little Jailhouse Rock:

Elvis is alive a doing well in Georgia!

We went to Trunk or Treat at church. There was Chili, cupcakes, hotdogs, and games for the kids. Then, everyone opened their car trunks and the kids came by for candy. My mom came and helped the kids at the games and walking with them, while Michael and I gave out treats. They are all bathed, but Noah who fell asleep. Fun night!

Sleep tight! :)


JP2E said...

Baked potato with mushrooms, a side of grim reaper, all delivered by an elf!!! What kind of wacky restaurant is this?
Of course it must be pretty good if "the King" dropped by for a taste.
Thank you, thank you very much...

Carol said...

Fabulous job on the costumes Michael, absolutely wonderful, the kids look great. I might have to rope you into my husband's Christmas costume, every year it's something different, and idea pops from his head to my sewing machine, ack!

Sue H. said...

I love all the costumes and I had a jolly time with the munchkins!

Jail House Rock is great!

Chocolate Cat said...

Great costumes , especially loved the mushroom!! Michael is a great costume designer. Looks like it was a fun evening out.

Michael Taylor said...

They were a lot of fun to make.

Janna said...

your costumes are the best