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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Feeling Puny

Howdy folks! I am feeling a bit under the weather today. My tonsils are swollen, but I don't have a fever, so who knows what I'm harboring.


was a busy one. The sister missionaries from our church came over for dinner. We prepared breakfast for dinner. We had bacon, french toast and scrambled eggs. The sisters were adventurous and poured Pomegranate 7Up into their orange juice. The kids were their usually rowdy selves. At one point, we got on the subject of animals who run in front of cars like opossums and deer. This sequed into Noah wanting to tell the missionaries one of his favorite jokes which starts out like this: What is the difference between beer nuts and deer nuts? At this point Michael and I frantically call him off before he can give the punch line. The sister missionaries just looked at me and laughed because I couldn't stop laughing and had turned beet red. So, the kids started telling more benign jokes. Rachel new several blonde jokes and their were a couple from the show The Vicar of Dibley that the kids could share.

:::::::::::::::::::::::Wilton Cake Art I:::::::

I ran off to take my first cake decorating class and got there with 5 minutes to spare. We learned about the recipes and uses for the different consistencies of icing and some basic frosting methods. My homework assignment is to bake a cake and have it frosted and ready for decorating next week.

:::::::::::::::::::::::Court of Honor::::::::

Aaron and Michael have a Court of Honor tonight for Scouts. Michael took the day off because he has been run ragged at work and home for a couple of weeks and needed to slow down. Unfortunately, he has to run to Lawrenceville to pick up the badges because the person that said they could pick them up Sunday has a meeting downtown and can't make it out there. Typical.

:::::::::::::::::::::::Weekend Update:::::::::::::::

I almost forgot to talk about our fun trip to Shakespeare's Tavern. The night was frigid, but it was just fine inside the tavern. We had balcony seats, which was great to see all parts of the stage at once. The play for the evening was "Twelfth Night". The actors did a marvelous job. Michael and I took his mom and my mother to see the play. The music for the play was just perfect, too. We ate at the tavern and the food was rather tasty. I had the sheperd's pie, Michael had the Hearty Lentil soup, Sydney had the Cornish Pasty and my mom opted for the Salmon and Leek pie. YUM! During intermission Michael had a apple crisp with vanilla ice cream. So, we were well fed and the play was awesome. When we left the downtown Atlanta night scene was just getting started and the some homeless people were outside the door.

Michael and I want to bring Aaron and Rachel back to the tavern to see "A Midsummer's Night Dream". We thought it would be fun to have Michael's family and my mom to return during the holidays at the end of the year to see "A Christmas Carol". We will have to see if any of them are interested.

I'm going to go take a lie down and read.



Carol said...

Hope you're feeling better soon Victoria, what a horrible feeling it is with the tonsils. You take care okay? As for Noah and the kids with their jokes, I giggled when I read that. You gotta hand it to kids huh? But I bet the sisters have heard worse and well they probably had a good old giggle afterwards too. The best part of children are their innocence and the fact Noah felt so comfortable in their presence to spin a yarn like that speaks volumes as to what a great boy he is.

Mom said...

Noah the intertainer. He has a future in Comedy Clubs - "pencil trashcan" which of course was his favorite joke.
I loved the play and the dinner and look forward to going again!
Thanks, Mom

dawn said...

Thanks for visiting me in blogland Victoria - sorry you're not feeling well - hope you recover soon ... loved to read your news and of coursem the cake icing sounds like fun