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Thursday, January 17, 2008 Georgia...Yes,

it can happen! Rachel came home and said, "Mom, doesn't snow make you giggle?" She had just gotten home from her retainer appointment and had stopped to catch snowflakes on her tongue. The other kids just watched from the windows content to be warm. Unfortunately, most of the snow melted by morning, but we got some more needed rain. So positive news all around.

:::::::::::::::::Thumb Update::::::

Noah's thumb infection appears to be responding well to the sulfa medication and the topical ointment. He informs me that the medicine, "...isn't that bad!" He informed me last night when it was time to take his medicine, "Let's just get this over with!" I really appreciate not having to beg him to take it or chase him around the house and having to hold him down. How, strangly, refreshing!

::::::::::::::::I'm Taller Than You Are!:

The elements in this collection, My Little Heart, were a gift for gallery comments at Sausan Designs. What a fun task because the kit is so whimsical and happy. I loved looking at all the different perspectives with the design.

Additional credits: Darcy Baldwin: DJB Writes A Lot at The Digichick
Emily Merritt: Word Toppers dates

:::::::::::::::::::::::Ramen Noodles:::::::::::

My kids love to eat Ramen noodles. Their favorites are the Maruchan brand "Roasted Chicken" and when they want to go a little wild they combine it with a "Chili" flavored Ramen. I know, we live on the edge. This allows me to spend a little bit for these delicious little things:

I LURVE me some chocolate covered marshmallows!

::::::::::::::::::::::::Mystery Reader::::::::

Aaron got to be the Mystery Reader for Eve's pre-k class today. He read Fox in Socks. By the time it got to the tweedle beetle battle he was getting a tongue cramp, which was pretty funny. Eve was so proud of having her brother read that she kept wanting to hug him...he was so embarrassed.

::::::::::::::::::::::::Copernicus' Secret:::::::

This book is fascinating. I also like learning about Regiomontanus.

::::::::::::::::::::::::Activity Day Girls:::::::::

At church my new calling is to be a leader for the Activity Day Girls. There are already 2 leaders, so I help with what ever they need. The girls are really a fabulous bunch. Last night we created a mock runway for the girls to walk down. They were asked to wear their favorite modest outfit and tell why they felt it was modest. The girls loved struting down the catwalk we created using white Christmas lights after they came out from behind a white bed sheet where they created a silhoutte from a yard light. Then we separated them into 3 groups and let them discuss ways to be modest in dress and be good examples to their friends. The girls were thrilled to run out and play in the first snow of the year...and maybe the only snow of the year here in Georgia.


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Carol said...

Oh too too funny those pics. Who is taller? Love it. And way to go Aaron for being the reader in Eve's class. How important a job was that. I bet it was a great story.