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Friday, January 18, 2008

What is Made from 100% Girl Scouts?

If you answered Girl Scout cookies you are correct. I got Rachel to smile for this shot by making her say, "SAMOAS!" What an instant response of joy with visions of caramel, chocolate and coconut!

Please let me know if you Georgia folks would like any!

credits: Sausan Designs: My Little Heart collection
Darcy Baldwin: DJB PASTOR DAVE at The Digichick
Sande Krieger: Borderlines
Miscellanous font: Another Typewriter

Here is a Girl Scout cookie quiz from the AJC
:::::::::::::::::::::"Is That a Euphemism?::::
That is an oft heard question in our house. We have taught our kids the correct terms for things, but the kids hear parts of the body called other things by family and friends so they started to try to figure out as many euphemisms as they could. They realized the process is endless and here is an Indexed Card as evidence of that:

::::::::::::::::::::Recommendation Friday:::::::

Jessica Hagy has completed a book of her hilarious graphs called Indexed. It's for sale for $8.80 at Amazon and they are taking pre-orders.

I would like this idea to become a weekly thing, but we shall see.

I have layouts to post later, but Shabby Miss Jenn wants us to wait a tad bit more.

I hope your weekend is fantastic! Michael and Aaron are running off to hike and camp. They were going to go to Blood Mountain, but changed their mind due to the recent hiker murder. Michael decided to hike there with the kids another time.


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Janna said...

lol love the index card....