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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Reality Is Unscripted:

Eve won a gingerbread tea towel with a bag of cookie mix during the White Elephant gift exchange at my mom's house. Michael agreed to help her make the cookies when he got home from Scouts. She held him to his promise. They started to get the stuff together to mix them up and at the same time I opened the refrigerator and noticed that the hamburger meat was still frozen and laying on the shelf. I was surprised to see it there because I thought Michael had used it to make the Mabu Tofu. He had not realized it was there and had grabbed another package from the freezer. Eve inquired,"Why was mom asking about meat?" To whit Michael replied, "Because we are making MEAT cookies!" Then these crazy photos were taken for posterity:

Darcy Baldwin: What's In Your Wallet fonts at The Digichick
Kay Miller: Barnyard Dance
Kate Hadfield: Doodled Black Alpha, Dinsaur Doodle, Knotted stitches,
Tiff and Kates: Wordy-Bits Dates
Tiff Brady: elements from Exotic Adventure collab kit with Christina Renee
Erica Hite: Dear Diary
Miscellaneous font: Another Typewriter
Shabby Miss Jenn: staple from Old Letters Little Kit
Nancy Comelab: cluster frames (modified)
Emily Merritt: Word Topper dates
Misty Mareda: Stitched frame


20Birds said...

and wanted to let you know i was blog contemplating todaiy and mentioned your blog... thank you victoria for sharing your life here on the blog, i still remember your first visit to my blog, telling me about barber shop trimmings in lieu of fox urine :)

Michael Taylor said...

Meat cookies.......