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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Slow Learner...

but a willing soul. I am just took my second Wilton Cake Art lesson last night. The instructor went over how to hold our hands at the right angle and apply the right amount of pressure to create different decorating effects. I was most fascinated with the piping gel. That is so wicked cool stuff! Here is my very flawed cake decorating, but it was FUN!

Eve is my biggest fan. The second I walked in the door she rushed down stairs to see what I had accomplished in class. She just ooohhhed and aaawwwed over how "beautiful" it was. She gave me a big hug and just kept smiling. My head didn't get any bigger, but my heart sure did!

::::::::::::::::::::::::On Target:::::::

Wiley Miller is often on target with his observations of the world. This latest cartoon is perfect for anyone who loves to digital scrapbook or anything with Photoshop:
I signed up to You may want to check it out and see if any of your favorites are there.

:::::::::::::::::::::::::Guest for the Month of February:::::

for SCARLETHEELSmedia. Her name is MiYon and she has a great attitude and such fun designs. She has some of her designs at The Sweet Shoppe. I'll be posting a layout tomorrow with her things. I've mostly been working on Shelene's Christmas present.



Carol said...

You know what Victoria, I reckon that looks quite amazing, all those little flowery things. I know I couldn't do it, so it already looks like a work of art.

Mom said...

Eve has such a sweet spirit and she always makes me smile. I do want to make her happy as we all know.