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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Noah 9...

that is what you get when Ben 10's #1 fan gets a nasty infection on his thumb.

Last week during sacrament meeting I noticed Noah's cuticle was pink a puffy. I asked him to remind me to look at when we got home from church. He forgot. I forgot. BAD THING! So, sacrament meeting rolled around again Sunday and I looked at Noah's hand. CRIMINEA (sp?)and YIKES! It was a hot pink, swollen, oozing mess! Why hasn't he said anything? Well, you just have to know Noah the Stoic and shirker of things painful. Michael and I let our friend, Paola, know that we were taking Noah home during Sunday School to clean and treat the thumb.
The first course of action was to numb the skin, so Michael could check out the damage. Our neighbor, Kristen, is also an EMT and suggested keeping Anbesol in the first aid kit to be used as a topical anesthetic. Michael, then, wiped off the Anbesol and used the twizzers to clean off the dead skin and crusty stuff. Then he squeezed out a lot of infection while Noah screamed and cried, while I held him and cried. Michael then put some tincture of Benzoin on the thumb. Noah told him to hurry up because he was missing Sunday School and he wanted to get back right away.

We watched it for a day and it looked like it might get better with just a bit of antibotic cream and changes of band-aids. I decided to check on him during his lunch period at school to determine if I needed to call the doctor. The finger looked worse so I called and made an appointment while I was at the school for 2:30pm. When I went back to school to pick him up after retrieving Eve from preschool the school nurse came up to me to thank me for a fleece blanket I made her two years ago. She had gotten very sick right after I gave it to her and she said she cuddled in the blanket for warmth every day she was out sick. She told me she also cuddles in it for a nap, most days, after school. Boy, that made my heart warm. She takes care of kids when I'm not there, so I'm glad I can return some measure of comfort to her!

Noah saw the nurse practioner and she said that he had a bacterial infection and prescribed bactrim (sp), or rather, the generic sulfatrim. He will take 14ml twice a day for 10 days. She said they are using this medication as a first line of drug because of the antibiotic resistant MRSA. If his thumb doesn't show improvement in 2 days we go back for another drug they have found useful against MRSA resistant strains.

Last night, while playing the Simpson version of Clue Noah was wondering what would happen if his thumb didn't get better. Michael told him we would get it cut off and replace it with a bionic thumb (while he was doing the Bionic Man theme song). Then, Michael did this slow motion thumb wrestling with his "Bionic" thumb and told Noah that with a Bionic thumb he could challenge everyone and win. Noah LOVED this idea.

::::::::::::::::::::Double 0 Noah::::::::

On the way to the doctor's appointment Noah was wondering what it would be like to have a car with a harpoon gun. He theorized that if you shot a harpoon gun at a truck going the opposite way would rip the door right off. I suppose that would be true...STRANGE, but true! I told him that Granny Sue would love him to design and build her just such an equipped vehicle because she hates traffic.

I have my own ideas about how to get annoying drivers out of my way. I think really hard things like, "Don't you need to turn right here and get bread?" "Don't you need to stop for gas?" "Pull in right here and go to the bathroom?" "TURN NOW!" I have found that I am 100% ineffective.

::::::::::::::::::::Givin' Out Some PROPS:::::

I really enjoy reading my husband's blog, Free Philosophical Discussions .

::::::::::::::::Working on layouts...

I'm creating a Shutterfly album for my sister-in-law for her Christmas gift. We set down and selected photos and she looked at some of my digital supplies and let me know what style she liked. So, now I'm working on the album of her wonderful family.



Carol said...

Oh Noah, you brave little chook. I hope you feel better soonest and your thumb is soon on the mend.

I am convinced giving an album is just the best gift. My husband said, "well you know, you can't give digital scrapbooking to everyone every christmas". I just looked at him nonplussed and said "WHY NOT?".

Will we get to see some layouts? I hope so.

Melissa Hardin said...

Give Noah a hug from us. Hopefully the drugs take care of it but if not the bionic thumb sounds pretty nice. Of course it would probably exclude him from the professional circuit.

Granny Sue said...

Noah would probably love to be the Bionic man someday. He is such a practical guy. Give me lots of kisses and hugs from Granny Sue