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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Another Hot Day Ahead

:::::::::::::::Another Camp Update:::

Michael was able to update his blog, yesterday. I. also, spoke to him from the pay phone. He had a phone card from a previous vacation that had time left on it, so we didn't have to keep dealing with poor cell coverage.

Aaron was able to send me an email:
"Hi Mom. How'ya doin, so far i've fallen down and cut up my knee, and accidentally grabbed thorns =). I'm taking astronomy,personal fitness, first aid, fishing, reptile and amphibian study, woodcarving, oh yeah I sliced my finger at woodcarving, HOORAY! I bought a nice new knife with the money i earned its a straight blade it does not lock but it is spring assisted to make it safer, when you close, if you push a little on the balde a few times, there is a whetstone that will sharpen it inside the handle, its really cool. Im having lots of fun Gabriel is here hes having fun too, i miss you guys.
LOVE you guys,see ya soon
Aaron, Pokemon Wizard"

Here is part of my response: "So if you hurt yourself a few more times do you evolve to a new level? Your classes sound sooooo cool... Did you get all the thorns out of your hand? I'm glad your having fun! Isaac came by and I told him you would be back this weekend.Try to stop injuring yourself, if possible. Please drink water and will keep you healthier. I love you!!!!!!!!!!

See ya soon,

Mom of the Pokemon Wizard, Aaron :)

:::::::::::::::Playing Around:::::

I really enjoy Lorie Davison's artwork, so I did a layout just because:

Lorie Davison's Moonlight Fairies

:::::::::::::::::Noah's Album::::::

Credits: Jacque Larsen's painted papers for Good Day Sunshine, Frame modified from May BYOC, Jenna Desai's doodle frame, calendar, and brick overlay.

Credits: Template by Rachel Giallongo, Birgit's Retro Papers, Catrine's Laura alpha and font is DJB MICHAEL by Darcy Baldwin at

We are off to try and see a free summer movie!

Later, gators! :)


Michael Taylor said...

The photo of Eve with the binoculars sets the mood for the rest of the shots. Well done.

Please do more of the "just because" layouts. "Just because" is a good enough reason for me.

Anonymous said...

Oh Victoria ;), I have missed you so much!! ;). Your pages are so much fun and the way you write just cracks me up (I loved reading your letter to your son ;).

I've been MIA because I'm pregnant and feeling terrible LOL. Happy but terrible. LOL

When I feel better I'll visit yoru gallery, it always makes me smile ;).

Huge hugs & kisses with love,


Armina said...

oh boy! sure he's having fun but I hope no big injuries.... :)

R3UB3N said...

wouldnt have missed it! i see you got a pic of me while iwasnt looking. maybe ill let you photograph me without being goofy...maybe.

sara said...

First visit to your blog..loving it! Love your layouts (especially the "just because" one). And what a sweet little exchange between you and your son!!

Nathy said...

How cute little conversation:O)
It's my first visit too, and im loving your layouts !

Janna said...

I love your layouts.

& I tagged you on my blog

20Birds said...

your layouts with loris stuff inspire me, I have always thought i could not use her stuff, but i am liking mobren and more what yoe7u do and getting inspired