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Monday, June 02, 2008

Brave Girl


Eve just got back from having a cavity filled at the pediatric dentist. They used orange scented nitrous oxide to prep her for the shot, and they used a mint numbing gel. She looked at me with a hesitant expression and her eyes got that glassy sheen from beginning to tear up. I asked if she was nervous and she nodded yes. She wanted to hold my hand, as opposed to me holding hers. I figure it gave her a small measure of something she could control. She rarely moved during the procedure. Her lip did slip into the little speculum that kept her jaw open and she would point at it with tears in her eyes. I was so proud of her as was the doctor. The novocaine is wearing off and she feels the pain. I can just hug her.

::::::::::::::::Cub Scout Camp:::::::

Noah is at camp for this week. It is a day camp so he goes in the morning and I pick him up in the afternoon. The theme this year is "Cubs in Space". What a perfect theme for my science guy.

::::::::::::::::Fun New Layouts::::::

Credits: Dawn Inskip's "Hush" kit, Embossed Letters (set 2)
Catrine: Laura Alpha
Font: DJB Donnar at

Credits: Dawn Inskip's "Hush" kit, alpha from "Midnight Diamonds"
Font: CK Cursive

Credits: Dawn Inskip's Hush kit, Evitangel collab kit, Cartoon Caper kit, Make Believe kit, Typecast Alpha
Font: DJB MANDY by Darcy Baldwin at

Take Care! :)


Melissa Hardin said...

I love the layouts. We were outside this morning and Dakotta pointed pointed out the clover and said,"Like Evie Bugs" and then told me Evie has Hannah Montana on her shirt.

I hope Evie Bug feels better soon.

evitangel said...

your layouts are gorgeous!

Tammy said...

Big hugs for your daughter. Ugh, can she come and hold my hand when I go to the dentist?? *s*

Creative Junkie said...

Awwww - your poor daughter. I hate to see my child in pain and scared - it hurts my heart. I hope she feels better soon.

On a lighter note - I love your layouts!

~*Jennifer*~ said...

Wonderful layouts! My 6 year old just got her first fillings last month and she did wonderfully! She said they didn't give her needles, but yet she was frozen for over 2-3 hours each time?

Char said...

Love all your layouts, but the Ninja Fairies made me laugh out loud! LOVE it!!!

Sue H. said...

I want to hug my little Evie bug. Granny hurts when the babies hurt.

Dawn said...

Even though she was nervous (poor thing!) glad to hear it was not a bad experience. Great layouts!

Anonymous said...

I Like the Izzy layout. Nice work.


JP2E said...

PLease hug the bug, for Grampa'.
I love her so much...

Anonymous said...

kudos to your DD for being so brave and gorgeous serie of layouts! will look for them at DST!
Cheers, Catherine

Michael Taylor said...

Once again, I great couple of LO.

Carol said...

Eve, you are a very brave girl. I bet you have the most prettiest teeth ever.

As for the clover layout, I am having a big giggle, she doesn't look too sure does she?